Anti Vasemägi (PhD, docent)

Present address:
Dept. of Biology
Natura-building, office 121
20014 University of Turku



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___My research focuses on understanding patterns of genetic and phenotypic variation within and between natural and captive populations. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the relationships between genotype and phenotype and how contemporary natural selection works on ecological time-scales. This research field, also known as Ecological Genomics, is currently very fast developing discipline that tries to answer many long-standing evolutionary questions, such as: How natural selection affects phenotypes? How selection affects the genome? How the genes affect phenotypic variation? Are the same genes controlling traits in different environment? Which evolutionary processes influence natural genetic variation for phenotypic traits? My research addresses some of these questions to further understand the genetic architecture of ecologically, economically and evolutionary important phenotypic traits utilizing different fishes (Atlantic salmon, brown trout, Eurasian perch and sticklebacks) and bumblebees (Bombus sp.) as models to shed light on natural- and human-induced evolution. In addition to fundamental biological themes, several projects have also a strong applied perspective for the conservation and management of biodiversity.

Detailed information about recent/ongoing projects, study systems and participants can be found in the Research_projects section.

A note to motivated undergraduate & graduate students: if you are interested of doing your gradu (BSc) , pro-gradu (MSc) project or just to gain research experience please contact via email.

Keywords: population genetics, ecological genomics, next generation sequencing, conservation genetics, natural selection, adaptation, domestication, hitchhiking mapping, selective sweep, QTL mapping, microarrays, candidate genes, MHC, clinal variation, insertion-deletion polymorphisms, Salmo salar.

tel: +358 2 333 7086
fax: +358 2 333 6680
e-mail: anti.vasemagi[at]

2nd affiliation:
Department of Aquaculture

Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kreutzwaldi 48, 51014 Tartu ESTONIA

fax: +372 7 313 429

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