Anti Vasemägi (PhD, docent)

Present address:
Dept. of Biology
Natura-building, office 121
20014 University of Turku



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Mikhail Ozerov, salmonid ecological genomics.

Paul Debes, quantitative genetic and transcriptomic analysis of proliferative kidney disease.


Doctoral students

Tiia Forsström, University of Turku (main supervisor Prof. V. Jormalainen). Environmental DNA analysis of invasive species in the Baltic Sea.


Megha Dash, University of Turku. Host-parasite relationships in changing natural environment - Genetic responses of brown trout (Salmo trutta) to myxozoan parasite T. bryosalmonae.


Siim Kahar, University of Turku (co-supervisors Dr. J-P. Vähä, Prof. J. Erkinaro). Analysis of contemporary natural selection in Atlantic salmon.

Lilian Pukk, Estonian University of Life Sciences (main supervisor Prof. R. Gross). Fisheries induced evolution - Molecular genetic and phenotypic analyses of fisheries-induced evolution of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis) in the Baltic Sea.

Master students

Freed Ahmad, University of Turku, Finland. Bioinformatic analysis of RAD data from non-model species.

Visiting researchers/students

Marko Visse, University of Tartu, Estonia. Effect of PKD on telomere lenght and microbiome in brown trout.

Gemma Palomar, University of Oviedo, Spain. NGS analysis of frogs.

Arif Wibowo, Research institute for Inland Fisheries, Mininstry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia. Application of DNA barcoding and environmental DNA for fish biodiversity research in a Papua blackwater peat swamps.


Former post-docs, students

Akarapong Swaditpong, 2006-2009, PhD thesis, University of Turku, Finland (co-supervised with Prof. Craig Primmer).

Tauno Jürgenstein, 2008 BSc thesis, Pärnu College, University of Tartu; 2012 MSc thesis, Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Dr. Dmitry Filippenko, Post-doc 2012-2013. Genetic analysis of T. bryosalmonae and bryozoa.

Salla-Riikka Vesterlund, 2009-2015, PhD thesis, University of Turku, Finland (main supervisor Dr. J. Sorvari).










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