Welcome to my home page

I work as professor of cultural history at the University of Turku. I am currently leading two research projects, Using IBM in Europe to Recapture the Lead (2007-2009) and Cinematic Cartographies of European History, 1945-2000 (2009-2012). My research interests lie in the history of film and the media, audiovisuality and historical narration, cultural history of the nineteenth century (especially Wagner and Wagnerism), history of technology, and the history of emotions. My latest book was published in September 2008 under the title Nineteenth-Century Europe: A Cultural History (Polity).

Popular culture is one of my strongest interest and I was involved in establishing the International Institute for Popular Culture in Turku in November 2006. More information at the website of IIPC.

Address: Hannu Salmi, Dept. of Cultural History, University of Turku, FI-20014 Turku, Finland

Updated 5 January 2010