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Fun and Finance, The New York Times 16.11.1932.
Catholics Begin Fight on Nudism, The New York Times 3.1.1935.
Czech film barred because of nudity, The New York Times 8.1.1935.
Critizised Film Barred by U.S., The Washington Post 8.1.1935.
Smith Askes Film Exclusion, The New York Times 10.1.1935.
Catholics Deny Wide Reform Aim, The New York Times 15.1.1935.
Court Thronged For 'Trial' of Film, The Washington Post 26.6.1935.
Federal Jury Bans Movie as 'Obscene', The New York Times 27.6.1935.
Dilemma on Banned Film, The New York Times 11.8.1935.
'Ecstasy' Ban Upheld, The Washington Post 22.11.1935.
The Cinema to Rule Field for A Second Week, The Washington Post 23.4.1936.
Review, The Washington Post 9.5.1936.
Two Visiting Directors, The New York Times 4.10.1936.
Roght to Ban Film Upheld, The Washington Post 15.12.1936.
Belasco Opens With Moot Film Of Infatuation, The Washington Post 19.4.1937.
Nelson B. Bell: Two Newcomers Earn Attention In Capital's New Screen Bills, The Washington Post 6.6.1937.
Actors and Singers Here on Normandie, The New York Times 1.10.1937.
Court Backs Ban on 'Ecstasy', The Washington Post 28.10.1937.
Thomas M. Pryor: New York vs. 'Ecstasy', The New York Times 28.11.1937.
Germans Release Jews, The Washington Post 8.12.1938.

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