Richard Wagner's Operas

Das Rheingold (1851-54)

Libretto: Richard Wagner
Premiere: September 22, 1869 Königliches Hof- und Nationaltheater München

Wotan (hoher Bass)
Donner (hoher Bass)
Froh (Tenor)
Loge (Tenor)
Fasolt (hoher Bass)
Fafner (tiefer Bass)
Alberich (hoher Bass)
Mime (Tenor)
Fricka (tiefer Sopran)
Freia (hoher Sopran)
Erda (tiefer Sopran)
Woglinde (hoher Sopran)
Wellgunde (hoher Sopran)
Flosshilde (tiefer Sopran)
Nibelungen (stumm)

Synopsis of the plot, written by Topi Ylinen
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Performance History

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Compiled by Hannu Salmi.