I will not give lectures/excercises on the follwowing days (dates may change):
Oct 26-Nov 10, Nov 22-Nov 26.

Teaching Programme of Astronomy and Space Physics

Advanced course in Astrophysics

Code: FFYS4325
ETCS points: 10
Lecturer: Harry Lehto

On autumn periods I and II, 2010:
on Monday at 10-12 in XVI
on Tuesday at 12-14 in XVI (or Qh314)
First lecture: Monday, September 13, 2010
First exercises: will be shown here

Assignements :
The 2010 volume of of ARAA
The 2009 volume of of ARAA
The 2008 volume of of ARAA
Cosmology Book - look at the contents

13.9. Harry: ARAA, 48, 637 (2010) "Hubble constant"
20.9. Harry: ARAA, 47, 427 (2009) "Complex Organic Interstellar Molecules"
21.9. Harry: ARAA, 47, 27 (2009) "HI distribution in the Milky Way"
27.9. Harry: ARAA, 48, 431 (2010) "Young Massive Star Clusters"
28.9. Harry: ARAA, 48, 205 (2010) "The Inner Regions of Protoplanetary Disks"
04.10. Boris Z.: ARAA 47, 333 (2009) "Magnetic Fieleds of Nondegenerate Stars"
05.10. Jimit ARAA, 47, 107 (2009) "Gravitational Waves from Merging Compact Binaries"
11.10. Juliet Datson : ARAA 48, 581 (2010) "The ages of stars"
12.10. Kaisa: ARAA 46, 385 (2008) "Dark energy and the accelerating universe"
18.10. Venkatessh: ARAA 46, 541 (2008) "The Double Pulsar"
19.10. Nozair: ARAA 48, 173 (2010) "Interstellar dust in the Solar System"
15.11. Gerado Lacy Mora: ARAA 48, 495 (2010) "Dark Matter Candidates from Particle Physics and Methods of Detection"
16.11. Tuomas Kangas: ARAA 48, 631 (2010) "Exoplanet Atmospheres"
29.11. Sarah: ARAA 48, 127 (2010) "Reionization and Cosmology with 21-cm Fluctuations"
30.11. Teppo: ARAA 46, 21 (2008) "The Growth Mechanisms of Macroscopic Bodies in Protoplanetary Disks"
07.12. Mera Misganaw : ARAA 47, 481 (2009) "The chemical Composition of the Sun"
13.12. Jouko Salo: ARAA 46, 241 (2008) "Neutron-Capture Elements in the Early Galaxy"
14.12. Auni Somero : ARAA 47, 63 (2009) "Progenitors of Core Collapse Supernovae"

Exams: Wednesday Jan 19, 2011, Tuorla seminar room. Take the 09:10 bus from Turku. Exam starts at 09:30

Statistical methods in Astronomy

Code: FFYS4361
ETCS points: 5
Lecturer: Harry Lehto

On autumn periods I, 2010:
on Tuesday at 10-12 in XVI
on Thursdays at 10-12 in Qh314
--> First lecture: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Second leture: Thurday, September 16, 2010 cancelled because of conflict with another lecture

Will get these back shortly.

Exams: (Information on the take home exam will come here
Choises:Below is a list of files which are sound files.
The idea behind these files is that they emulate explosions or regular pulsar like features.
The links below are mp3 files of the files you will analyze for your final. NB! The files to be analysed will be the wav files, which I will send to each one of you separately. They will each contain of the order of 1 million data points +- a factor of 2 or 3. The data will contain 2 columns, time and value. All the data sets have a readily identifiable signal or signals.
Analyse the full data or suitable sections of the data that you deem necessary and report your reasoned results, and what you have done. Time until Mar 15, but start thinking now. Think first of how to look at the data - excel may not be enough. I will distribute the wav files on the first come first serve basis.
The ones marked with a star have been reserved.

kehraaja /nightjar
* jää/ice
*puhelinlangatlaulaa/power lines
(No mp3 file) *Bat ultrasounds

Course material:
Material will be delivered on lectures.

Astronomy Lab II

Code: FFYS4348
ETCS points: 5
Lecturer: Harry Lehto

On periods III-IV, 2010-2011 or by separate agreement
First (and only) lecture: Dec 10, 2010 immediately after seminar in Tuorla seminar room, approx at 13:00

Course material:

Instructions for doing the lab work (pdf file)

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