Anser anser dom x Branta canadensis

(c) Harry J. Lehto

Domestic (Greylag) x Canada Goose / (Kesy)meri x kanadanhanhiristeymä

Store Fuglene, Vest Sjaelland, Denmark, Dec 26, 2005
Canon EF 300mmf4.0 +1.4x, ISO 400, distance appox 500m
Canon 20D

This bird was strickingly larger than the wild greylags and canada geese it associated with. The head pattern did not fit a paleheaded canada goose or a typical (wild) Greylag x Canada Goose hybrid. It should be pointed out that this birds head pattern was somewhat reminiscent of a Barnacle x Greater White fronted Branta leucopsis x Anser albifrons hybrid or a Bar-headed Goose hybrid . It bears also resemblance to persumed Domestic Goose xCanada hybrids , which is my best guess for this bird.

Last update: Jan 01, 2006

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