Anas platyrhynchos x (Anas penelope x Anas platyrhynchos)

(c) Harry J. Lehto

Possible F2 hybrid Mallard x (Wigeon x Mallard)

Mahdollinen F2 risteymä Sinisorsa x (Haapana x Sinisorsa)

Tokoinranta, Helsinki Finland, March 3, 2007
EF 500mm f4.0, ISO 400-800 , distance 10-50m

Size: About same size as Mallard
Some sggressivity between this bird and Mallards
Note very pale upper wing coverts, grey rump/uppertail coverts, faint wigeon pattern on head.
The bird has stayed here at least 2 years.

Sorry head cut out - but shows the wings

Last update: Sept 15, 2007

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