Atomic Hydrogen


The Atomic Hydrogen group is directed by Sergey Vasiliev, and it is one of the five groups that form the Turku Centre for Quantum Physics.

The main subject of the group research is atomic hydrogen. In 1998 our group reached formation of a quasi-condensate in two-dimensional H gas adsorbed on the surface of superfluid helium film. Recently we performed a measurement of electron spin resonance line shifts in two- and three-dimensional H gas. This allowed a first experimental determination of the scattering lengths of the atoms in the ground electronic state. A second system where we study atomic hydrogen is solid films of H2, where the atoms are embedded as an impurity. We reached record high atomic concentrations exceeding 2*1019 cm-3 and observed several interesting quantum phenomena.

Some of the research activities (and research personnel) of the group are shared with the other groups at the Centre, or at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku.

Time evolution of spin waves in atomic H gas