Welcome to my personal academic webpage. Here I publicly display different aspects of my academic life.

I consider myself a researcher investigating the open-source software phenomenon. Other more general research interests include Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Open-Data, Open-Hardware, Open-Access, Open-Innovation, Open-Coopetition and R&D Management.

I employ a wide array of research methods such as Ethnography, Netnography, Grounded Theory, Social Network Analysis, Action Research and Experimentation. I often adopt a mix-methods approach. More information on my research and its merits can be found in the Research section.

I call now for your attention to my current research on open-coopetition that aims to provide a better understanding on how rival companies collaborate in the open-source arena. Within the last months, our research-team mixed a ethnographic approach with a Social-Network-Analysis for analysing how rival companies such a Apple, Google and Nokia collaborate in the development of WebKit web-browsing technologies by open-source manners. The following video illustrates the power of our approach that data-mines the WebKit source-code and its version-control-system change-log. More information on this current research project is available in this separate section.

WebKit Open-Source Development on Vimeo.