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Ph.D. Juha-Pekka Vähä___
Section of Genetics, Department of Biology
FIN-20014, University of Turku

tel. +358 2 333 6664



Research projects

GenMix – solving the riddles of the Tana mixed stock coastal and river fisheries

Developing a model-based flexible and adaptive fisheries management

Co-operative partners:
Morten Johansen, present address: University of Tromsø
Jaakko Erkinaro, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
Panu Orell, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
Eero Niemelä, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
Martin Svenning, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Project duration: 2009-2013


Kolarctic salmon - Trilateral cooperation on our common resource;
the Atlantic salmon in the Barents region

Merging modern science with traditional knowledge to improve the future management of the Atlantic salmon in the Barents region

Co-operative partners:

Norway - County Governor of Finnmark (FMFI)
- Norwegian Institute of Nature Research - Tromsø (NINA)
- Institute of Marine Research – Tromsø (IMR)
Finland - Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute - Utsjoki (FGFRI)
-University of Turku - Kevo (UTU)
Russia - Polar research Institute of marine Fisheri






Vähä J.-P., Erkinaro J., Niemelä E., Saloniemi I., Primmer C.R., Johansen M., Svenning M. and Brørs S. 2010. Temporally stable population-specific differences in run timing of one-sea-winter Atlantic salmon returning to a large river system. Evolutionary Applications in press

Erkinaro J, Niemelä E, Vähä J-PK, Primmer CR, Brørs S, Hassinen E, Orell P & Länsman M. 2010. Distribution and biological characteristics of escaped farmed salmon in a major subarctic salmon river,River Teno, (Finland/Norway). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 67:130–142

Vähä, J.-P., J. Erkinaro, E. Neimelä, and C. R. Primmer. 2008. Temporally stable genetic structure and low migration in an Atlantic salmon population complex: implications for conservation and management. Evolutionary Applications 1:137–154.

Vähä Juha-Pekka. 2007. Conservation genetics of Teno river Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): Genetic structure in space and time, and the effects of escaped farmed salmon. Annales universitatis Turkuensis Sarja II, tom. 217. PhD Thesis .

Vähä, J.-P., J. Erkinaro, E. Niemelä, and C.R. Primmer. 2007. Life–history and habitat features influence the within–river genetic structure of Atlantic salmon. Molecular Ecology 16:2638–2654.

Vähä, J.-P. ja Primmer, C.R. 2006. The efficiency of model-based Bayesian methods for detecting hybrid individuals under different hybridization scenarios and with different numbers of loci. Molecular Ecology , 15: 63–72



PhD position in Ecological genetics

Collaborative projects with Dr. Anti Vasemägi

Topic: Adaptive differentiation of early-life stage phenotypic traits in whitefish (Coregonus sp.).

PhD project of Siim Kahar
Integration of ecological, experimental and genetic perspectives to investigate fitness related traits for conservation in salmonid fishes.

I am also searching a highly motivated student to conduct a research projects:

Synchrony of temporal variation of insect biomass with growth and abundance of Atlantic salmon

A project involving a mark and recapture study to estimate population size of a piscivore with a view to determine its function in regulating the abundance of Atlantic salmon

Biological interactions among invading sculpin (Cottus gobio), its naturally occurring parasite (Schistocephalus spp.) and Atlantic salmon