September 30 - October 4, 2002

 Scientific Program

September 30, Monday

X-ray binaries

8.00--8.15   Welcome: Prof. Devi Dutta Paudyal (Tribhuvan University)
8.15--9.00    Juri Poutanen  High energy emission from Seyfert galaxies and black hole binaries
9.10--9.55   Chris Done    Review of  X-ray binaries

10.05-10.30 coffee break

10.30--11.15  Andrzej Zdziarski  Correlations between spectral and temporal properties of   black holes
11.25--11.55  Piotr Zycki   Using Fourier-frequency resolved spectra to constrain models of accretion onto black holes
12.05--12.30  Marek Gierlinski   Broad-band spectrum of XTE J1550-564 in the very high state


14.15--14.40   Eliana Palazzi   BeppoSAX observations of the black hole candidate XTE J1118+480
14.50--15.15   Julien Malzac    Correlated optical/X-ray variability in XTE J1118+480
15.25--15.50   Janusz Ziolkowski  Search for the black holes in X-ray binaries: the growing evidence of the event horizon in some X-ray Novae

16.00-16.30 coffee break

16.30--16.55   Grzegorz Wardzinski   Comptonized synchrotron emission in accretion flows - constraints on the magnetic field
17.05--18.05  Discussion (moderator - Piotr Zycki): On the Geometry of Accretion Disks and Origin of X-rays: ADAF/Hot Disks vs Ejection/Outflows vs Ionized Disk (including the Case of XTE J1118+480)


October 1, Tuesday

Spectral Properties

8.00--8.25    Piotr Lubinski   Some remarks on spectral averaging
8.30--8.55    Julien Malzac   Reflection at large distances from the central engine in Seyferts
9.00--10.00  Discussion (moderator - Chris Done): R-Gamma Correlation and Fe lines in Seyfert galaxies and GBHs

10.00-10.30 coffee break

10.30--10.55   Andrzej Zdziarski   Understanding the long-term spectral variability of Cygnus X-1 from BATSE and ASM observations
11.00-11.25 Giorgio Matt   The relativistic iron line of GRS 1915+105
11.30--12.30  Discussion (moderator: Ian George): The Case of MCG-6-30-15: Fe line profile, its origin, continuum-line correlations


14.00--18.00 Sightseeing tour


October 2, Wednesday

Neutron Star Binaries

8.00--8.30     Marek Gierlinski  Broad-band spectra of accreting neutron stars
8.40--9.10     Juri Poutanen  Accreting millisecond pulsars
9.20--9.45    Eliana Palazzi  Monitoring of the Y2K outburst of Cyg X-3 with BeppoSAX

9.55-10.30 coffee break

Accretion disks

10.30--11.00   Luciano Nobili   A Disk-Jet Interaction Model for the X-ray Variability in Microquasars
11.10--11.40   Angelo Antonelli   Gamma Ray Burst: the Whimper of a Dawning Black Hole
11.50--12.20   Andrei Illarionov The free-fall quasispherical matter accretion  onto black hole and hard X-ray emitting caustics


14.00--14.45  Omer Blaes   Instabilities in Radiation Pressure Supported Disks
14.55--15.20  Toshihiro Kawaguchi   Comptonization in super-Eddington accretion flow
15.30--15.55  Ranjeev Misra     Flux enhancement in the inner region of geometrically and optically thick accretion disk

16.05-16.30 coffee break

16.30--17.15  Neal Turner   Energy Dissipation in Disks and Coronae
17.25--18.25  Discussion (moderator -Omer Blaes): Super Eddington  accretion, nature of ultraluminous X-ray sources


October 3, Thursday


8.30--9.15    Jane  Turner   Studies of X-ray Variability
9.25--10.10  Ian George   High Spectral Resolution Observations of AGN

10.20-10.40 coffee break

10.40--11.25  Tahir Yaqoob   Structure and Kinematics in the Central Engine of AGN: New Results from High Resolution and High Throughput Spectroscopy
11.35--12.20  Matteo Guainazzi  Shadow from black holes


14.00---18.00 Sightseeing tour

20.00 Conference banquet


October 4, Friday

Informal discussions +  Free time
Tour to Nagarkot

October 5 - 7 - tour to the Chitwan National Park ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Jose Gracia    Time-dependent ADAF-SSD transition models
Erik Zackrisson Can microlensing explain the optical long-term variability of quasars?
Natalia Babkovskaia    A study of the accretion disk in NGC4258 with water masers
Janusz Ziolkowski    Evolutionary constraints on the masses of the components of HDE 226868/Cyg X-1 binary system
Rosalba Perna   Neutrino Trapping and Accretion Models for Gamma-ray Bursts
Pawel Lachowicz   Timing properties of Cygnus X-1
Sergio Colafrancesco   Gamma-Ray emission from galaxy clusters powered by (BH dominated) active
galaxies at the cluster center: the preliminary results from the EGRET database