Nordic Course in High-Energy Astrophysics

Within the framework of the 'Nordic project on High Energy Astrophysics in the INTEGRAL Era', we organized a course in high-energy astrophysics in Stockholm, June 2-5, 2003. Magnus Axelsson (Stockholm) and Linnea Hjalmarsdotter (Helsinki) took care of the organization.

The course was aimed at postdocs, PhD students and students in the stage of finishing their masters' theses. The topics included both theoretical and observational aspects of high energy astrophysics. The lectures were held at AlbaNova, the Stockholm institute for physics and astronomy. Apart from the lectures, the course also consists of home exercises and a final exam. These are expected to be done by the students in their respective departments. The course will give ECTS credits equivalent to five study weeks.


Day 1: Monday, June 2

1) Juri Poutanen, Radiative processes: Synchrotron radiation
2) Stefan Larsson, X-ray and Gamma-ray instrumentation
3) Juri Poutanen, Radiative processes: Compton scattering

Day 2: Tuesday, June 3

4) Juri Poutanen, Interpretation of spectra, models
5) Stefan Larsson, Timing studies and Fourier spectra

Day 3: Wednesday, June 4

6) Juri Poutanen, Self-consistent electron distribution in compact sources; Accretion onto a magnetized neutron star
7) Pasi Hakala, X-ray binaries - an overview and observational results
8) Diana Hannikainen, Jets from microquasars

Day 4: Thursday, June 5

9) Luis Borgonovo, Gamma-Ray Bursts
10) Esko Valtaoja, Active galaxies