Cyg X-2 +- 1 WORKSHOP
(including other interesting objects)
Financed by NORDITA Nordic Project on High Energy Astrophysics

Kittilä, Finnish Lapland, April 9-13, 2005

Organizers: Linnea Hjalmarsdotter, Juri Poutanen

Place: Hotel Kittilä (4 km from Kittilä airport)

 Hotel Kittilä
 Valtatie 49
 FIN-99100 KITTILÄ, Finland
 Tel: +358 (0)16 643 201
 Fax: +358 (0)16 643 222

All  rooms are non smoking. The rooms have all been newly refurbished (2003 -2004 ), and all the rooms have shower, wc, tv, radio, telephone, hairdryer. Hotel Kittilä has lunch- & á la carte restaurant Narikka, lobby bar, Pilot´s Pub, conference room, 2 saunas and a swimming pool.

Cyg X-1, Cyg X-2 and Cyg X-3
Millisecond pulsars and other low-mass X-ray binaries

The idea is a rather informal meeting where we concentrate on working  together trying to solve different problems concerning the objects in question. We start every day with short talks in the morning, have free time after lunch for discussions, skiing, swimming, relaxing. After than we meet to discuss and work on common projects in groups. In order to get everyone involved in each others problems all participants, especially students, are however encouraged to give a short informal presentation of their project in question and describe problems/ideas that could be discussed.


Workshop schedule

Saturday, April 9

Arrival to Kittilä. Airport is just 4 km away from the hotel. Take a bus to the place.

19.00  Dinner


Sunday, April 10

9.00-12.00: free time

12.30 lunch
13.30-17.00 Talks

Chairman: Juri Poutanen
13.30-13.35  Welcome
13.35-14.15  Andrzej Zdziarski: Cyg X-1
14.15-15.00 Linnea Hjalmarsdotter: Cyg X-3
15.00-15.30 coffee
15.30-15.50 Anna Szostek: Cyg X-3
15.50-16.10 Osmi Vilhu: INTEGRAL observations of Cyg X-3 and GRS 1915+105 
16.10-17.00 Mike Revnivtsev: Cyg X-2!!! and variability of bright LMXRBs 

17.00-20.00: Discussions, work in groups
18.00-18.30  coffee

20.00  Dinner

21.00-    Discussions, work in groups

Monday, April 11


9.00-12.00: free time

12.30 lunch
13.00-16.00 Discussions, work in groups

16.00-20.00:  Talks, discussions, work in groups
16.00-16.50  Natalia Babkovskaia: Maser disks in AGNs and carbon stars
16.50-17.10  Indrek Vurm: Compton scattering from anisotropic electrons 

18.00-18.30  coffee

20.00  Dinner

21.00-    Discussions, work in groups
Tuesday, April 12


8.30-12.30: free time

12.30 lunch
13.30-17.00  Talks, Coffee, Discussion

Chairman:  Andrzej Zdziarski  
13.30-14.10 Juri Poutanen: News about accreting millisecond pulsars
14.10-14.40  Maurizio Falanga: INTEGRAL observation of the accreting ms pulsar IGR J00291+5934 in outburst
14.40-15.10 Askar Ibragimov:  The 2002 outburst of  SAX J1808.4-3658
15.10-15.30  coffee
15.30-16.00  Valery Suleimanov: Spectra of the spreading layers on the neutron star surface
16.00-16.30  Mike Revnivtsev: SS 433
16.30-17.00 Andrzej Zdziarski: Cyg X-1 variability

17.00-20.00:  Discussions, work in groups
18.15-18.45  coffee

20.00  Dinner

21.00- Discussions, work in groups

Wednesday, April 13


8.30-12.00: Discussions, work in groups
12.00 lunch

Most participants leave after lunch.

Conference facilities

The room has flap-board, overhead projector,
data projector, white screen, ADSL-connection.


Cross-country skiing.
The hotel is only 100 m away from cross-country skiing and snowmobile tracks.
If people wish to try snowhoes or cross-country skiing the hotel has some equipment  also for hire
(pair of snowshoes 8,- EUR / day and pair of cross-country skiis with sticks and shoes for 8- EUR / day).
Those wishing to book this equipment should inform the organizers Linnea and Juri  (one needs to know the shoe size and length of a person).

Downhill. The hotel is only a fifteen minutes drive to the Levi ski resort and half an hour to the Ylläs ski resort. Fells called Pallas and Olos are an hour away. We will have a minibus in our disposal, so those wishing to go downhill can drive there.

Sauna and swimming pool are at the disposal of the hotel guests daily.

Temperature is expected to be about +5C. A lot of snow, and hopefully a lot of sun.

List of participants:

Natalia Babkovskaia (Oulu)
Linnea Hjalmarsdotter (Helsinki)
Maurizio Falanga (Paris)
Askar Ibragimov (Oulu & Kazan)

Juri Poutanen (Oulu)
Mike Revnivtsev (Garching)
Valery Suleimanov (Kazan & Oulu)
Anna Szostek (Warsaw)
Osmi Vilhu (Helsinki)
Indrek Vurm (Tartu)
Andrzej Zdziarski (Warsaw)