High Energy Astrophysics  

Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland, April 5-8, 2004

Photos from the meeting by Marek , by Marek again , by Piotr , and by Axel

hotel Riekonlinna 

Topics to be discussed in details:
Gamma ray bursts: in particular particle acceleration mechanism, physics of the spectra formation, timing properties, recent INTEGRAL observations.

Spectral and timing properties of accreting black holes and neutron stars: origin of the X-ray/gamma-ray spectra, timing properties and models, models for QPOs (quasi-periodic oscillations) in black holes and neutron stars.

Monday, April 5

morning: arrival to Ivalo airport, transportation to Saariselkä, hotel Riekonlinna

15.00-16.00: Registration, coffee

16.00-18.00: Discussions, news  in  high energy astrophysics

          Chairman: Axel Brandenburg
16.00-16.30 News from INTEGRAL (Osmi Vilhu)
16.30-17.10 News from the INTEGRAL workshop (Andrzej Zdziarski, Diana Hannikainen)
17.10-17.30 News from the X-ray polarimetry workshop (Piotr Zycki)
17.30-          other news, discussions

19.00   Sami show: welcome dinner at restaurant Asehuone

Tuesday, April 6 

8.30-12.00: Talk, Coffee, Discussion

          Chairman: Pasi Hakala
8.30-9.15 Boris Stern:  Spectra of the prompt GRB radiation: optically thick versus optically thin emission models
9.15-10.00 Attila Meszaros: Short and long gamma-ray bursts
10.00-10.30 coffee, discussions
10.30-11.00 Discussions on gamma-ray bursts physics
11.00-11.30 Diana Hannikainen: INTEGRAL observations of GRS 1915+105
11.30-12.00 Osmi Vilhu: TBD

12.00 lunch
13.00- free time,  snowmobile-safari  to Igluvillage
19.00 - Dinner at restaurant Linnansali 

Wednesday, April 7


8.30-11.45: Talks, Coffee, Discussion
Chairman:  Juri Poutanen      
8.30-9.15 Chris Done: Galactic black hole accretion models and their application to AGN
9.15-10.00 Andrzej Zdziarski: Radiative processes and geometry of accreting black holes
10.00-10.30  coffee, discussions
10.30-11.15 Marek Gierlinski: Spectral states of Cyg X-1
11.15-11.35 Askar Ibragimov: Broad-band observations of Cyg X-1 by RXTE and OSSE and
correllations between the spectral parameters
11.45 lunch

12.45-16.45 free time,  husky safari

16.45-19.45 Talks, coffee, discussions

Chairwoman: Chris Done
16.45-17.30 Axel Brandenburg: Numerical and experimental studies of the magneto-rotational instability
17.30-18.15 Juri Poutanen: Accreting neutrons stars and their timing properties
18.15-18.45 coffee, discussions
18.45-19.30 Piotr Zycki: X-ray variability: current models and problems
19.30-19.45 Discussion on the X-ray variability models

20.00 - Dinner at restaurant Linnansali  

Thursday, April 8


8.30-12.00: Talks, Coffee, Discussion

Chairman: Boris Stern
8.30-9.15   Pasi Hakala:  Ultrashort period binaries
9.15-9.40   Panu Muhli: UW CrB - a short-period neutron star LMXB in the outer Galactic halo
9.40-10.05   Natalia Babkovskaia: Water masers in active galactic nuclei
10.05-10.30 coffee
10.30-11.00 Linnea Hjalmarsdotter: Cyg X-3 (INTEGRAL/RXTE)
11.00-11.20 Anna Szostek:  Cyg X-3 observations by RXTE and BeppoSAX
11.20-11.45 Andrzej Zdziarski: GX 339-4 - new developments
11.45-12.00 discussions on the future of high energy astrophysics activities in Nordic countries
12.00 lunch, skiing
departure to Ivalo airport

List of participants:

Marja Annala (Oulu)
Natalia Babkovskaia (Oulu)
Axel Brandenburg (Copenhagen)
Chris Done (Durham)
Marek Gierlinski (Durham / Oulu)
Pasi Hakala (Helsinki)
Diana Hannikainen (Helsinki)
Linnea Hjalmarsdotter (Helsinki)
Askar Ibragimov (Oulu / Kazan)
Attila Meszaros (
Prague / Stockholm)
Panu Muhli (Helsinki)
Juri Poutanen (Oulu)
Boris Stern (Moscow)
Anna Szostek (Warsaw)
Osmi Vilhu (Helsinki)
Indrek Vurm (Tartu)
Andrzej Zdziarski (Warsaw)
Piotr Zycki (Warsaw)