Stellar structure and evolution
University of Oulu, 2011

Lecturer: Juri Poutanen, FY 273, ph. 5531962, juri.poutanen [at]
Assistent: Alexander Mushtukov, FY 276, ph. 5531948, al.mushtukov [at] 

The course covers a broad topic of stellar structure and evolution. Stellar equilibrium. Theory of polytrops. Radiative transport. Convection. Nuclear reactions. Stellar evolution.  Stellar pulsations. White dwarfs, degenerate matter. Supernovae and formation of neutron stars and black holes.
The course can be also taken as advanced in somewhat expanded form.

Astrophysics I. Stars by Richard Bowers and Terry Deeming;
An introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution by Dina Prialnik;
Stellar astrophysics, vol. 3 by  Erika Böhm-Vitense;
Fundamental Astronomy by Kartunen, Kröger, Oja, Poutanen & Donner;
and compendium. The notes are based on the lecture notes by Stephen J. Smartt.
There also exist lecture notes in Finnish. [pdf]

Lectures and exercise sessions (about 20 all together) take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in TÄ 219 at 14-16,
and in TÄ 217 on Friday 10-12 (Oct 7, Nov 4)

Compulsory problems (return by the deadline). 5 sets (=> 30 % of the final score)

Problem set 1. Deadline October 6.  [pdf]
Problem set 2. Deadline October 20.  [pdf]
Problem set 3. Deadline November 3.
Problem set 4. Deadline November 15.  [pdf]
Problem set 5. Deadline December 1.  [pdf]

Lectures and notes

September 27
Lecture 1. Introduction. [pdf]
September 29 Lecture 2. Equilibrium in stellar interiors.
October 4
Lecture 3. Conditions in stellar interiors.
October 6 Lecture 4. Energy generation and transport.
October 7 exercise session 1

October 11 Lecture 5. Energy transport by radiation. [pdf]
October 13 Lecture 6.  Energy transport by convection.
October 18 Lecture 7.  Equation of state. Opacity. [pdf]
October 20 Lecture 8.  Polytropes.
October 25 exercise session 2
November 1
Lecture 9. Nuclear reactions. General approach.
November 3 Lecture 10. Nuclear reactions. PP-reactions and CNO-cycle.
November 4 exercise session 3
November 8 Lecture 11. Nuclear reactions. He burning.
November 10 Lecture 12. Computations of evolutionary models. Evolution of low mass stars.
November 15 Lecture 13. Evolution of massive stars
November 15 Lecture 14. White dwarfs.
November 18 Lecture 15. Supernovae.  [pdf]
November 22
exercise session 4
December  1 exercise session 5
  Questions for the exam. [pdf]
January 20