T. Nurmi, S.A.H. Geritz, K. Parvinen and M. Gyllenberg (2008)
Evolution of specialization in resource utilization in structured metapopulations
Journal of Biological Dynamics 2, 297-322
Available online


We study the evolution of resource utilization in a structured discrete-time metapopulation model with an infinite number of patches, prone to local catastrophes. The consumer faces a trade-off in the abilities to consume two resources available in different amounts in each patch. We analyze how the evolution of specialization in the utilization of the resources is affected by different ecological factors: migration, local growth, local catastrophes, forms of the trade-off and distribution of the resources in the patches. Our modeling approach offers a natural way to include more than two patch types into the models. This has not been usually possible in the previous spatially heterogeneous models focusing on the evolution of specialization.

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