Gyllenberg, M and Parvinen, K. (2001)
Necessary and sufficient conditions for evolutionary suicide
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 63, 981-993
Available online


Evolutionary suicide is an evolutionary process where a viable population adapts in such a way that it can no longer persist. It has already been found that a discontinuous transition to extinction is a necessary condition for suicide. Here we present necessary and sufficient conditions, concerning the bifurcation point, for suicide to occur. Evolutionary suicide has been found in structured metapopulation models. Here we show that suicide can occur also in unstructured population models. Moreover, a structured model does not guarantee the possibility of suicide: we show that suicide cannot occur in age-structured population models of the Gurtin-MacCamy type. The point is that the mutant's fitness must explicitly depend not only on the environmental interaction variable, but also on the resident strategy.

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