HIP Laser physics and quantum optics project


Publications in 2005

  1. M. Mackie, A. Collin, and J. Javanainen:
    Comment on 'Stimulated Raman Adiababtic Passage from an Atomic to a Molecular Condensate'
    Phys. Rev. A 71, 017601 (2005) (2 pages)
    [PRA Online, LANL physics/0212111

  2. A. Collin, E. Lundh, and K.-A. Suominen:
    Center-of-mass rotation and vortices in an attractive Bose gas
    Phys. Rev. A 71, 023613 (2005) (8 pages)
    [PRA Online, LANL cond-mat/0403326]

LANL Preprints 2005

  1. A. Collin:
    Collective modes and the broken symmetry of a rotating attractive Bose gas in an anharmonic trap
    LANL cond-mat/0509256

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