Koen Veermans

Short bio

Dr Koen Veermans obtained a Masters Degree from the department of Social Science Informantics from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His masters thesis focussed on modeling problem solving and learning in the domain of mathematical word problems.

He also holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the Faculty of Educational Design, Management and Media/ Educational Science and Technology , University of Twente, the Netherlands. During his Ph.D. research he tried to support learners during simulation based discovery learning in such a way that learners will benefit not only in the current situation but also in future occurences of more or less similar situations. During his Ph.D. he conducted two experiments and designed and developped add-ons to the Simquest environment for these experiments.

He is currently working as a senior researcher in the Educational Technology Unit of the Faculty of Education at the University Turku, where he is involved in the EU funded CARDITIS project. that focusses on creating 3 and 4-D reconstructions of regions of interest of the heart. His main responsibility is related to the design of the educational modules. He is also involved in the teaching of Methodology within the Master’s degree in Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems.

Research interests

His primary interests are in learning and cognition, computers and learning, problem solving, and research methodology. This resulted in research on simulation based (discovery) learning and intelligent tutoring systems.

Selected publications

Veermans, K., de Jong, T., & van Joolingen, W.R. (2006). Using heuristics to facilitate discovery learning in a simulation learning environment for a physics domain. International Journal of Science Education, 21, 341-361.

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Veermans, K. (2002). Intelligent support for discovery learning. Doctoral dissertation, University of Twente. Enschede, The Netherlands: Twente University Press.

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de Jong, T., van Joolingen, W.R., Swaak, J., Veermans K., Limbach R., King S., & Gureghian D. (1998). Combining human and machine expertise for self-directed learning in simulation-based discovery environments. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 14, 235-246.

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