Kalevi Kokko

ORCID:  0000-0002-4039-2745
Address: Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku, FI-20014, Turku, Finland
Phone: +358 29 450 4293, +358 50 511 0457
email: firstname.lastname at utu.fi

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Hi! it's me


Click here to view video of burning steel (23 MB)

oxidation of stainless steel

Oxidation of stainless steel (1 MB) by Saku Hakamaa


Magnetic pendulum (29 MB)

Hitsaussauman kovuus
  Fit by Machine learning: Weld seam hardnes from center (111 kB)

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Research profile
Research highlights

V Au
Exhange-correlation interaction, QNA news,    

Iron alloys

Silver-palladium research line

Spectroscopy line

Organized  conferences and workshops
ASCAM  X, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: Oxides,  June 2018
ASCAM  IX, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: Quantum Materials - 100 Years,  June 2017
ASCAM  VIII, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: Thin films, Materials research - combining theory and experiments,  11.-12. June 2015
ASCAM  VII, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: Thin films, interface, and reconstructions,  28.-29. August 2014
ASCAM  VI, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: Defects in Materials, Turku,  22.-23. August 2013
ASCAM  V, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: from Molecular Engineering to Technological Applications, Turku,  21.-22. August 2012
MAGFUM IV, Magneto-mechanical properties of complex functional materials, Turku, 15-17 February 2012
ASCAM  IV, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: surfaces and bulk-surface interactions, Turku, 19-20 August 2010
ASCAM  III, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials: understanding stainless steels, Turku, 20-21 August 2007
ASCAM  II, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials, Turku, 18 – 24 January 2007
ASCAM  I, Atomic-Scale Challenges in Advanced Materials, Turku, 19 January 2006
Summer school on the Physics of Metals and Metal Surfaces: From theory to experiments, Seili, June 1999

BESSY,  Electron storage ring BESSY
CECAM, Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire
CSC, CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd
COST MP1203, Advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology 2012-2016
EPS, European Physical Society
FSRUO, Finnish Synchrotron Radiation Users Organization
EU, Research and Innovation, Participants portal
MatSurf, Turku University Centre for Materials and Surfaces
NGSMP, National Graduate School in Materials Physics
NGS-NANO, National Doctoral Programme in Nanoscience
Psi-k, Ψk Network
The Finnish Physical Society

Collaborators outside UTU
Alatalo, MattiHergert, Wolfram; Hoffmann, Martin; Johansson, Börje; Kuronen, Antti; Pitkänen, Heikki; Vitos, Levente; Wallace,Robert;


Analysing tools for HAXPES spectra
X-ray spectrum calculation package (XSPEC)
Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
Core level shifts
Elastic properties

Talks (shortlist):
CV (condensed form):
Academic portfolio:

Supervised theses work
        6 PhD theses

        1 Licentiate thesis
        19 Master of Science theses
        13 Bachelor theses
        5 Physics essays
        2 Project works

Teaching career
(32 courses of different topics at university level, several college and school level courses)
My teaching is based on efficient passivating pedagogical methods
and cutting-edge analogization tchniques
My mentor is a great educator, Assistant in aesthetics, Konsta Kuttaperkka

Current teaching duties:
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Intermediate level (lectures)
Advanced level (lectures)

Teaching experience, university level:
Department of Physics
Basic level (lectures)
Intermediate level (lectures)
Advanced level (lectures)
Supervising expermental laboratory works 
Supervising seminars, course tutorials, and computer excecises in the following fields (1243 hours)

Teaching experience, college and school level :
Turku University of Applied Sciences Turun normaalikoulun lukio, High school, International Baccalaureate curriculum Puropellon yläaste, Scondary school




Search engines:
Google, Scopus, Web of Knowledge,

arXiv.org, sissa.it,

Research tracks:
SHERPA/RoMEO, Databases at CAMP, Crystal lattice structures, Atomic Spectroscopy NIST, gnuplot, Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi, Center for Scientific Computing, PhysNobelPrizes, TIPTOP, Methods of band calculations, Pseudopotentials, Phasediagrams, Nanostructures, IOPphysicsworld.com, Materials Today, MatEd, Isotropy, Bilbao Crystallographic Server, Aurora-rahoitustietokanta,  Aurora funding database, Schrödinger equation, UpdatingMatResWebbPages, Oganov's Lab, Build your own ...,
Physics demonstrations and simulations:
Demonstrations PhysTeachers, TIPTOP,
   Landau theory


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