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Mika Vaihekoski
Professor of Finance, D.Sc. (Econ)


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Kuva: Studio Helander

Link to my academic webpages at the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics. Here you will find material related to my work as Professor of Finance.
Direct link to school's official web-page for me is here; more detailed contact info is available here and here. My new research oriented blog can be found here. I have also created a new webpage "Finnish Financial History" (FFH) to promote research on financial history of Finland. This page can be found here (still in "beta"). Update June 2017: Our Uni admin fixed problems with Wordpress, and everythigh is working again.


Link to my personal webpages in the Internet. Here you will find more personal material such as photos, study of my ancestors, interesting links, stuff related to my hobbies etc.