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Welcome to My Personal Homepage!

On this page is some personal stuff that I want to share with you in addition to my "official" research and work oriented web-pages. This page does not have any clear logic - I have just added some stuff that have come to my mind over the years.

Tervetuloa Mika Vaihekosken henkilökohtaiselle kotisivulle!

Ohessa sekalaista tietoa minusta mitä mieleen on juolahtanut kirjoittaessani tätä tai aikaisempia versioita näistä sivuista. Älkää ottako kaikkea turhan vakavasti, olen kirjoittanut tekstin pilke silmäkulmassa. Näiden sivujen tarkoitus on olla vastapainona (kenties) kuiville "virallisille" sivuilleni.

Links to other personal pages / linkkejä harrastussivuihini:

My interests and hobbies:

  • Tennis (my favorite sport), squash, badminton, jogging/running, floorball, downhill skiing in the winter, and gym.
  • Dancing ... took a dancing course in Turku (was organized by the Student Union) a couple of years ago (ok, couple years ago when this web-page was developed in 1999, nowadays more like a decade or two ago). I started again taking dancing lessons in Lappeenranta (in Tanssikoulu Onnenmaa) after moving there 2004. Since moving to Turku in 2008, I have been with the Lavatanssikerho Sekahaku. Great teachers both schools! If they can teach me how to dance polka, they must be excellent. As far as dancing places go, in Helsinki you might see me in Riutanharju or in Pavi, in Turku the best place during the summer is Valasranta and during the winter Auran nuortentalo, and while in Chicago it is definitively Liquid (1997 North Clyborn) :-). Liquid had an excellent teacher who taught me (and others) to dance Swing. And she could sing too! (well, this was 1997-8 -- so probably the club is no longer there ...)
  • Traveling and visiting libraries.
  • Photography.
  • Genealogy (sukututkimus)
  • Philately. My exhibit on Model Saarinen stamps was on display in TamCollect 2019.
  • Movies, Videos, TV, reading, Music (listening, unfortunately not playing).
  • Computers and programming, HiFi and Home Theater.

Visiting Libraries

I don't know why, but I have taken up a habit of visiting a library every time I go to a new place. I have justified this habit/hobby to myself as the easiest way to see local people in their everyday life instead of all the tourist "stuff". Libraries also tell a lot about the country and/or the university in question. Well, that is the rational explanation, but I guess it has to be somehow connected to my love of reading, books, and learning something new. Besides the library, I also try to see the local stock exchange, if one is available.

Well, here is a list of Finnish libraries I have visited with some comments: American Library (technically part of U of Helsinki's collection and well-hidden at the very back of the library, but well worth the visit), Kokemäki (my hometown), Peipohja (branch library in my hometown, closed long time ago), Kauvatsa (another branch library in my hometown), Academy of Finland (typical semi-open library; when a visitor really shows up, nobody is sure whether he/she is actually allowed to visit the library), Bank of Finland, Espoo, Harjavalta, Helsinki (Herttoniemi, Itäkeskus, Laajasalo, Roihuvuori, Vuosaari, and several libraries downtown), Huittinen, Illo (smallest), Joutseno (8/2005), Köyliö (8/2013), Lappeenranta (downtown and Sammonlahti), Maarianhamina (8/2005), Mikkeli, Nakkila, Oulu, Pori (main and hospital branch library), Porvoo, Raisio (used to have the best collection of computer books in the Turku region when I was doing my master's), Rauma, Salo (7/2012), Sastamala (12/2013), Statistics Finland, Säkylä, Taalintehdas (2018), Tammisaari, Turku (downtown and two others), Vaasa, Vammala, and Yläne (7/2012). Libraries of the following academic institutions: Laurea Polytechnic, Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Hanken School of Economics (both Helsinki and in Vaasa campus), Turku School of Economics, Universities of Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa, and Åbo Akademi (main and bus.adm.).

Abroad (public city libraries unless otherwise stated): Aarhus (Denmark, 6/2010), Aarhus School of Business (6/2010), Auckland (2/2012), Auckland U of Tech (2/2012), Barbados (most exotic; 7/2002), Bergen (Norway, 5/2008), Berkeley Public Library (7/2007), Beverly Hills Public Library (7/2007), BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo, 5/2012) Universita Bocconi (Milan, Italy, 6/'09; I applied for a day-permission to enter the library; they had an impressive collection of finance literature -- paid attention as I've spend considerable time developing similar collections at the libraries of LUT and TSE), Boston City Library (7/2011), CERGE-EI (Prague, 06/08), Charing Cross Library (London, 7/2006), Chicago (1998), Copenhagen Business School (5/2009), Copenhagen Public Library (5/2009)
, Drexel University (10/2008), Evanston Public Library (1997-8), Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Natal, Brasil, 2/2006), Fudan University (Shanghai, 10/2011), International Banking Institute (St. Petersburg, 10/2006), Istanbul Bilgi University (Turkey, 9/2006), International School of Business at Vilnus University (Lithuania, 4/2013), Lisbon (ISEG, 7/2017), London (Barbican Centre, 2004), London School of Economics (7/2006), Los Angeles Public Library / Downtown (7/2007), Lund (5/2010), Lund University (5/2010), MIT (8/2011), National Library of Greece / Athens (6/2008), NHH (Norway, 5/2008), Northwestern University (1997-8), Madrid (6/2006), National Library of Sweden / Kungliga Biblioteket (2018), New York (1998), Oxford central (7/2006), Palo Alto (California, 9/2015), Paris School of Economics (4/2011), Philadelphia / Free Library of and City Institute (10 & 11/2008), Paul Robeson Library (U of Rutgers, Camden, NJ, 10/2008), Prague City Library (6/2008 + 7/2014), Reading (UK, 6/2013), Redwood City (CA, 10/2015), Reykjavik City Library (Iceland, 9/2012), San Antonio Public Library (2/2008), San Francisco Public Library (7/2007; another nice library but the walk to the Library from Powell St. to Hyde St. along Market St. was one the most depressing ones -- I've never seen so many homeless and in many cases sick (mentally, physically) people wondering the streets -- really sad), SOM (St. Petersburg State U 5/2006, technically still under construction at the time of my visit but it will be a great library), South Beach Miami (2/2005), Stockholm (2/2004), Stockholm S. of Economics (2/2004), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Stanford University (California, 9/2015), SUFE (10/2011), Tokyo Public Library (7/2013), U of Auckland (2/2012), U of California at Berkeley / UC Berkeley (several libraries including e.g. Haas Business School Library, 7/2007), U of California at Los Angeles / UCLA (several libraries including e.g. UCLA Anderson Rosenfeld Library 7/2007), U of the Azores (7/2010), U of Chicago (1997-8), U of Copenhagen (4/2008), U of Latvia (6/2007), U of Miami (2/2005), U of Minho (6/2011), U of Pennsylvania / Penn (several libraries; 10/2008; huge library), U of Reading (UK, 6/2013), U of Tokyo (7/2013), and Washington (Congress, 1998).

Mielenkiintoisia linkkejä / A few personally interesting links:
  • 23andMe - I am a customer for this DNA-analysis company. Why? Just curious, I guess.
  • Ad-lux Oy - I once listened to a presentation on good lightning and having switched to full spectrum (daylight) lamps, I have to say that I love them. They are really easy on your eyes and the colors are so much better.
  • Digicamera.Net - this is one of those excellent sites that I visited almost daily.
  • Digitally Imported - excellent music to get you going.
  • Finnish Red Cross - I donate blood every year and I warmly recommend everybody else to do it as well.
  • House Rabbit Society - I owned two house rabbits as a kid long, long time ago. I recommend this site warmly for those who are planning to buy one (for their children).
  • IMDb and TV.COM - Want to know why your favorite tv-show ended so quickly? Or whether series XYZ survived to the next season? These web-sites can help (could be much better organized, though, if I may add).
  • Kameraseura (Finnish Photography Association).
  • Kokemäki - Town of Kokemäki - syntymäkaupunkini / where I was born.
  • Linux Weekly News - I visit this site every now and then as I want to follow the development of Linux.
  • Mendelay - good program that organizes all your PDFs and keeps the information in the cloud so that it can be accessed everywhere. I warmly recommend this to all my colleaques.
  • Sekahaku - Turku-based dancing association.
  • Suomen sukututkimusseura - The Genealogical Society of Finland.
  • Turun Postimerkkikerho - Turku Philatelistic Association.
  • Marttaherrat Marttayhdistys ry - Yes, I'm a member of Martta's men only association (alajärjestö). We cook different foods every month or so.
  • ZDNet - Home of PC Magazine; my opening page in IE and Mozilla.