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One of my hobbies is to study my ancestors. Here are some of the results for fellow genealogists and potential relatives. As always, if you find connections from my ancestors to your own family, I would be happy to hear about it. I am also happy if you can share any of your information and/or if you have some additional information about my ancestors that you can share with me. I am also happy to help fellow genealogists if you find a connection to my family.

Tervetuloa Mika Vaihekosken sukututkimussivulle!

Olen tutkinut sukuani vuodesta 2001. Uhraan harrastukselleni noin viikon vuodessa aina kesälomallani. Ohessa tietoja suvustani. Jaan mielelläni tietojani muiden sukututkijoiden kanssa, jos löydämme yhteisen sukulaisen suvuistamme. Otan myös mielelläni itsekin vastaan lisätietoja ja korjauksia. Tai jos muuten vain huomaat yhteyden omaan sukuusi tiedoissani, niin ota yhtettä.


Genealogy (sukututkimus)

I have studied my roots since summer of 2001. I have decided to spend one week each summer for this hobby. Results and comments below.

I recently found (10.1.2004) out that there is a book called "Suutaran suku" written by Yrjö Raevuori, published in 1931 which gives a good presentation of Juha Matinpoika Suutara (originally Kynä or Kynäs) and his descendants. My father's mother is a distant descendant of Suutara. See the pdf-file below for more details. On the other hand, my mother's forefathers can be found from a series of books called "Paimenessa ja presidentinlinnassa eli Urjalan Tolvan suku" written by Sulo ja Marja-Leena Järvinen. You can even find me and my mother from the fifth/sixth volume. See link to Tolvan suursuku below.

Yesterday (27.1.2004) I found out that there is also a wealth of information on Raimo E. Harju's web-page about my forefathers who lived in Pomarkku.

Yesterday (22.2.2004) I finally inserted my mother's father and his sisters and their family into my database. I found out that my mom (with a maiden name Saukola) has two cousins and I have six second cousins in Los Angeles or nearby (with last name Saukkola). Greetings if you happen to read this!

For other genealogist: If you find connections with my ancestors, I am more than happy to share the information I have. Just send me e-mail. On the other hand, if you have any information of my dad's grandfather's seven visits to the USA around 1900-1930, I'd be very happy to hear about it.

Today (2.5.2004) I found out something new about my grandfather's two trips and his father's seven trips to the USA. Four of their trips (one joint) can be found out from New York's Ellis Island immigration records (1904, 1910, 1912 and 1916). Their final destination was always Clifford in Price county, Wisconsin, or at least that is what they told the immigration officers. There must have been some kind of timber/lumber production going on since that is where they worked as far as I know. My dad's grandfather also bought a farm from around 1910 (probably from Clifford or somewhere close by), so there might be some kind of records of it as well. According to the article above, he was also entitled for some kind of pension in the USA, so there might be information about this as well. If you have any additional information from either the farm or the pension, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. Or some other way about hearing more about their visits to the USA.

Today (30.7.2005) I updated the list of my ancestors with new entries gathered during this summer. Note that I register persons with their name at birth so the list does not show the last known name. The same list is also available in writing (in Finnish) for fellow genealogists. As always, if you have additional information, I would appreciate receiving it or sharing my own information. I also heard that there is a study of the descendents of Karimäen torppari Israel Mikonpoika ja Maria Matilda Juhontytär. Even I can be found from this study.

Yesterday (18.7.2006) I'll be damned! Just by pure accident I made the most interesting finding of the year yesterday. I was walking past the main library of the Helsinki University when I decided to take a peek inside. I noticed that there was an exhibition of the life of Finnish sailors in the early 1900s. Since I knew that one of me relatives was a sailor, I decided to stop by. I found from the exhibition a book of Finns who have sailed past the famous Cap Horn. And from that book's list of references I found two books written about one of the sailors, namely Uno Nylund. Well, I wondered if they were about the Uno Nylund I knew from my childhood - my father's sister's (i.e., my aunt's) husband in Tammisaari. When I was young, we visited them many times and I have always remembered those visits as being the highlights of the summer. Today I got the abovementioned books from library and lo and behold, they were really about my aunt's husband. They were written by Sven-Erik Nylund, Uno's brother's son. The first one "Inte Rädd för Någon. Uno Nylunds dagbok från fyrmastbarken Moshulu 1936-1937" is based on Uno's notebook of his trip around Cap Horn onboard s/s Moshulu (now located in Philadelphia as a restaurant). The second book "En koferdiskeppares liv: en berättelse om sjömanspojken Uno Nylunds liv till sjöss och iland" is also based on Uno's notebook and tells about his life until 1970. My aunt is mentioned in the final pages of the book when Uno rented an apartment to her (and later maried her).

20.7.2006: I found out that there is a geneological study of the Heikkilä-family (my mother's sister's husband is A. Heikkilä).

12.8.2006: Updated list of my ancestors. No major changes for last year's list except corrected the name of my first known forefather (i.e., Kuuri, not Kuusi) in Pomarkku. As always, if you have any additional information, I am more than happy to hear about it.

07.05.2007: Added a link to my father's mother's (Aina Kankaro) family society (Antti Suutaran sukuseura) below.

21.07.2007: This summer I finally had some time to go through my notes and to make some new discoveries. For example, I found out more information from the War Archives on two of my uncles who had participated the Winter War during the WWII. I also made a trip to Siikainen, a small town (pop. <2000), where my father's grandfather (the one mentioned above in the newspaper article with the seven trips to the USA) owned a farm named Koivisto (hence, his last name).

17.08.2007: Thanks are due to Raimo E. Harju, who send me a lot of additional information on Kuuri farm in Noormarkku (Finpyy). As a result, I could trace my grandfathers three more generations backwards in history all the way to the 17th century even though I though that I was stuck due to burning of the early Church Books (Parish Records) from Noormarkku in 1918. It seems that all my forefathers have lived, married, and died in the northern Satakunta. Finnish list of ancestors updated.

04.08.2009: I spent again one week of my summer vacation studying my ancestors, especially on my mom's side.

23.08.2011: Updated my list of ancestors (unfortunately available only in Finnish) / päivitin esipolvitaulut.

09.08.2012: Updated my list of ancestors / päivitin tänään esipolvitaulut. A lot of new entries most of which have were sent to me by fellow genealogists. The list of other studies and books in which my ancestors can be found was also updated in the beginning of the list.

09.08.2013: Updated my list of ancestors. A lot of new entries most of which have were sent to me by fellow genealogists. Päivitin tänään esipolvitaulut-raportin.

09.07.2014: This summer I did the usual update to my list of ancestors. On top of that, I and my relatives had a welcome visitor from Los Angeles. My mom's cousin (with his wife) came to see us - a warm reunion since it was more than 30 years since the last visit. As a result, I decided to do some more work on my mom's relatives and create a complete list of her cousins. I also realized that in some sence, cousins still share 50 percent of the same "gene pool" (as sisters and brothers have the same parents and hence the share exactly the same gene pool). As a result, second cousins still share a quarter of the same "gene pool". So, to put it loosely, you can find "a quarter of me" in many places from LA to Finland.

15.11.2015: This fall I was visiting Stanford in California and I had a chance to meet my relatives who live in the Los Angeles area. What a memorable visit! I saw almost all (if not all) of my second cousins who live in the area and of course their parents i.e. my mom's two cousins (which makes me their first cousin once removed; we don't have a word for this in Finnish).

08.08.2018: This summer I joined the Family Tree DNA service. I also updated my list of ancestors (below), partly using the help I have received from people who have contacted my because of the DNA connection. Otherwise not a major updates. Finally, Antti Suutaran sukuseura published an updated version of the family book. I helped a little bit in finishing the book.

Here is the latest list of my ancestors: / Viimeisin esipolviraportti on ladattavissa tästä: List of ancestors / esipolviraportti (in Finnish).

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