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Niina Käyhkö (PhD, Adjunct Professor)



My research interests

My primary field of research is developing geospatial approaches, methods and applications for land change and landscape ecological research and apply these in sustainable planning and management of land- and natural resources.


I also do research on combined uses of geospatial data, methods and techniques in geospatial and geographical research. I have practical experience and knowledge in developing methods of combined uses of digital data sets originating from multiple sources.


During the last 10 years I have been leading several research, education and development cooperation projects in the field of geospatial expertise, landscape research and societal applications in Finland and in Tanzania.


I have strong motivation for developing science-based, but practically oriented geospatial solutions emerging from the real needs in the society.


I work with a team of around 10 researchers from UTU in collaboration with our international partners. 







Niina Maria Käyhkö (née Vuorela)
MSc (Geography, Univ. of Turku 1997)
PhD (Geography, Univ. of Turku 2001)
Adjunct professor (Landscape Geography 2008)

Senior Lecturer in Geoinformatics 2002-


Department of Geography and Geology

University of Turku

FIN-20014 Turku, Finland

Email. niina.kayhko at