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Working Method PASTA GALLERY

Marking a place as part of one's territory has the Spirit of the Old Shamans and lifting up a stone is the oldest way of doing this. My pieces of art can also be seen as rituals in the landscape. 

I use pictures and real stones to create a feeling that the exhibition itself is a installation. Pictures are having a conversation with the stones in the gallery.

Ollipekka Kangas: Efforts to lift up a Stone
Land art project- methodtable

1. Walking 2. Listening to stones 3. Balancing Stones 5. Photography 5. Returning  evyrything as it has been


I study landscape and nature in my photographs. I am trying to find the spirit of the place by working with stones. Land art brings together space, time and nature which are presently themes of my work. I am not trying to harness the nature. The source for this type of art cannot be brought indoors, it needs to be created at the site. Camera is the only technical aid I use to capture pieces of nature to be shown to the public.

I have been working on a process to create land art which has minimal effect to the nature itself. I don't use any kind of tools to make my sculptures while working outdoors and after taking the photographs, the stones are all put back to their original places. With balanced stones I'm trying to capture tensity, uncertain balance which I hope is transferred to the viewer through my work.


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