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Dep. of Cultural History, University of Turku, Finland
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I’m in Society for the History of Technology’s (SHOT) Travel Grant Committee 2015–2017 (chair 2016).


[Older stuff:]


Since spring 2007, I am involved in a new European Science Foundation coordinated research programme "Inventing Europe". Research on my part is funded by the Academy of Finland. More information on the 'IBM in Europe' project's web-page here.



I am having trouble updating the publications page. Of the two versions (both behind the one link above), the one starting with my Phd dissertation has more links working.

In the summer 2010, several articles of mine were published. One of them was an international joint article in the journal Comparative Technology Transfer and Society. Another one told about the Finnish Society for the History of Technology (for the first time in English). See the publications page, link above.

here for History of Nordic Computing 3, HiNC3 conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

In November 2009, I added an erratum and an index to my information page on the PhD dissertation.

In September 2009, the HiNC2 conference book History of Nordic Computing 2 is published! See my publications for details and a link.

My recent publication in English is available on the
Publications page:

Petri Paju: "National Projects and International Users: Finland and Early European Computerization." IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. Vol. 30, 4/2008, pp. 7799.

It is part of a special issue on international history of computing.

If you are interested in history of information technology, see SHOT's Special Interest Group Computers, Information, and Society or SIGCIS. I am a Vice chair, Europe, in the SIGCIS team lead by Thomas Haigh. We are trying to get all relevant information circulated on the SIGCIS list, so please let us know what you are organising or email the list yourself!

SIGCIS also has excellent resource pages and there is more to come.


Since 2009, I serve as President in the Finnish Society for the History of Technology. The society publishes a journal called Tekniikan Waiheita, or the Finnish quarterly for the history of technology. It has articles and news in Finnish, Swedish and sometimes in English.

PhD Defence in 2008

I defended my doctoral dissertation succesfully on 24th of May 2008. See my Publications page on that and find a link to an electronic version (PDF file) of the book. On pages 522--530 you can find an English abstract of the text.

The History of Nordic Computing 2,
HiNC2 conference was successfully held in sunny Turku, Åbo in 21 -23 of August 2007. Some 50 people from all the Nordic countries, USA, UK and Estonia participated. Check here for Ola Nordal's blog report. -- Springer published the conference book in late 2009 (see above and my publications).


Old news:
In 2006, I co-organised sessions in two international conferences: with Prof. Jaakko Suominen in
Innovation Pressure conference, Tampere (March 15-17 th) and with Dr. Adrienne van den Bogaard in a Tensions of Europe conference, Lappeenranta (May 24-28 th). Many thanks to all participants!

On international co-operation, see below. I am active in the Scandinavian and European networks although dissertation writing takes the majority of my working time.

Early in year 2005, Springer published the proceedings of the Trondheim conference (2003) on the History of Nordic Computing. See: Janis Bubenko Jr., & John Impagliazzo & Arne Solvberg (eds.): History of Nordic Computing. Springer: New York 2005. See my  articles in the book in Publications, link above.

Very Old News
See the photos from the 2003 Scandinavian conference in history of computing...  

Since 1999, I am a Ph.D. candidate in University of Turku, department of Cultural History. In my doctoral thesis I focus on computing in 1950's Finland and in particular I study one construction project that was supposed to produce the first computer into the country. This way I aim to say something more about the technological culture that took shape in the 1950's Finland... althought I do not use that concept as an analytical tool.

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National co-operation

Since the start of year 2002, I am a researcher in research project "Information Technology in Finland after World War II: The Actors and Their Experiences". This project is part of a national Research Programme for Advanced Technology Policy (ProACT, 2002-2005). I also taught a seminar group in my department.

I was a member of The Finnish Post-Graduate School in Science and Technology Studies, or TITEKO in Finnish, in 2002--2008.

European, and Scandinavian co-operation

Additionally, I participate in the European Science Foundation-sponsored network “Tensions of Europe: Technology in the Making of 20th Century Europe”. The IT-subtheme of Tensions of Europe had a first meeting in Barcelona, March 2003. My contribution was:
P. Paju: "A Failure Revisited: The First Computer Construction Project and the Establishing of a National Computing Center in Finland". Take a look at the paper here. For the final publication, see the Springer book above (2005).

An important Scandinavian meeting was: The First Conference on History of Nordic Computing. I was also a member in the Program Committee to this event.
By the way, now there are also pictures on the page above! See also the photos I took there. Well, they are not the best of pictures, but you might get some impression of what was going on...

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Petri Paju
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