Hissim History Generator

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Hissim can be used to help generating population and communities for a world. It takes some statistical information and important events as input from a configuration file or the Tk interface, and then populates the world using history simulation. Hissim also saves all the relationship links so it can generate a genealogy of all people in a history. Get it from here or from WF CVS. See the online manual for details of Hissim 2.2.

Requirements of Hissim are:

For GEDCOM viewing and editing a good tool is Geneweb. Another program is Lifelines. See a sample database here (if online). Use listing of surnames to get listing of surnames that were generated by namegen.

Features in Version 2.2:

Tkhissim can be used in threaded mode to monitor the simulation without having to wait for the simulation to finish. There is also a globe viewer that shows your map in 3D.