Linklist for (solar) astronomers

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Last update 21 Feb 2019

New CESRA Website (2016-)
European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA), old website
European Solar Physics Division (ESPD) and the new website (under development)
UK Solar Physics (UKSP)
European Grid of Solar Observations (EGSO)
Highlights of Solar Radio Physics
RHESSI Science Nuggets
Yohkoh Science Nuggets (Montana link)
Hinode EIS Science Nuggets
Sun and solar physics in the web (by LMSAL)
ADS abstract service (Strasbourg link)
ADS abstract service (Harvard link)
Astro-ph archive
Solar Physics e-print archive

Solar radio data
Nobeyama solar radio WWW server
Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center (max. 19:15 - 10:00 UT)
IZMIRAN solar radio spectra (approx. 06:00 - 12:00 UT)
RATAN 600 Solar Observations
Metsahovi solar radio observations
Humain solar radio observations
Ondrejov solar radio observations
ARTEMIS IV, University of Athens
Bleien/ETHZ/e-Callisto solar radio observations
Radio Monitoring (daily composite surveys at 08-16 UT)
Tuorla-Bern polarimeters (TUBE) event archive
Solar info in Australia (IPS)
Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA) (approx. 16:00 - 23:00 UT)
Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer (GBSRBS) and BIRS
Wind WAVES (non active website)
Wind WAVES (the new website)
Archived WAVES etc. data
Wind WAVES type II list at CDAW
RSTN Radio Solar Telescope Network

Other solar instruments and institutes
Global H-alpha Network
Big Bear Solar Observatory
NSO - Kitt Peak
Armagh Observatory
Glasgow A&A
IAC (Canary Islands)
Astronomical Institute at Utrecht
MEDOC at Orsay
Observatoire de Paris, LESIA
Potsdam group
Nancay Radioheliograph and Decametric Array (DAM)
Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo

Databases and software
Coordinated Data Analysis Web (CDAWeb)
Latest solar events (LMSAL)
NOAA NGDC Space weather and solar event lists and data reports
Realtime CME detections (CORIMP)
CDAW - CME catalog
SEP event list
Joint Science Operations Center (JSOC), SDO/HMI and AIA data
Sungate: get AIA data
TRACE flare catalog and data archive
IAS data center (France)
EIT catalog interface
EIT Users Guide
MDI Catalog search
Solar observations, Mitaka (NAOJ), Japan
RHESSI tohban links
Downloading RHESSI data
RHESSI data center, NASA
RHESSI Browser, Berkeley
Compton BATSE
DARTS Database for Yohkoh
MSSL Archive Centre (Surf)
BASS 2000 Data Archive
Solar Image Processing

Astrophysics and space science in Finland
Division of Geophysics and Astronomy, University of Helsinki
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Space Research
Space Research, University of Oulu
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku
Metsahovi Radio Observatory, Aalto University
Suomen Fyysikkoseura (Finnish Physical Society)
Suomen Tähtitieteilijäseura (Finnish Astronomical Society)

Satellite missions
Parker Solar Probe (launched in 2018, NASA mission)
Solar Dynamics Observatory (launched February 11, 2010)
Hinode (Solar-B before launch on Sept. 23, 2006), Nasa Solar-B webpage
STEREO (science mission started Jan 22, 2007)
SOHO (1995-)
Yohkoh SXT (Sep 1991-Dec 2001)
BATSE (Compton) (Apr 1991-May 2000)
GOES SXI (Jan 2003-)
RHESSI (Feb 2002-Apr 2018)
TRACE (May 1998-June 2010)
Wind (1994-)
ACE (1997-)
HEASARC Viewing (ASCA, ROSAT etc. using SIMBAD)

Future missions / proposals
Solar Orbiter (estimated launch February 2020, ESA's Cosmic Vision)
FASR (Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope), NSF funding for design study approved
ALFA (Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Space), proposed
ALFA-SIRA (Solar Imaging Radio Array)

Journals, books, lecture notes, etc.
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomy and Astrophysics Review
Solar Physics
Astrophysical Journal
Astrophysical Journal Letters
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Geophysical Research Letters (GRL)
Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR, members only)
Cambridge Univ. Press
Springer Verlag
Zombeck: Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astrophysical shock waves lecture notes by Rami Vainio
Nature - International weekly journal of science
SolarNews newsletter
Coolnews newsletter
Max Millenium program
Living Reviews in Solar Physics

Meetings and funding
Solar Meetings listed by SOHO
International Astronomy Meetings
Academy of Finland

Movies and other educational
Hugh Hudson's Grand Archive of Solar Flare and CME model cartoons
Solar Flare Theory by NASA/Goddard
Cool stars and the Sun (K. Schrijver)
TRACE images and movies (K. Schrijver)
TRACE loop movies
Thumbnail TRACE movies etc.
SOHO Gallery
CLEA - astronomy exercises for students
All About the Sun's Light (diverse linklist on the Sun and energy)

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