Tinkering in the virtual worlds

Recent HOWTOs and guides in English

Compiling VDR xineliboutput frontend on Ubuntu 9.10

Building a Gentoo Linux-based DVB PVR

Ubuntu Linux 6.06 on Compaq Armada 100s

Debian Testing (etch) on Compaq Armada M700

Securing insecure wireless home network with IPSec

Creating a Debian Etch WPA2 accesspoint

CD/DVD packet writing on Debian GNU/Linux Sarge (3.1)

Running Aliens vs. Predator Gold with Wine

Older HOWTO's and guides in English

Debian Testing on Compaq Armada 100s

Using Debian GNU/Linux (sarge/stable) as a wireless accesspoint with Atheros wlan adapter

Old Bash programs


Keep work files synchronized while working on them with several different (Linux/Unix) computers.


Connect to different wireless networks from console. Does not (yet) support WPA, only WEP. Supports running extra commands after the interface is up. Fully internationalized. Preferences, translations and network profiles are kept in separate files for easier customization and mainteinance.

Ohjeita ja oppaita suomeksi

Ohjeita Linuxin kotikäyttöön

Yksinkertaisen lähiverkon rakentaminen sshfs:n avulla

Tinkering in the physical world

Crossbow articles


Designing and making crossbows

Example crossbows

Making a simple medieval-style crossbow with a steel bow attached with bridles utilizing a nut and trigger lock

Making a simple medieval-style crossbow with a wooden bow and a push-trigger

Making a Roman crossbow (arcuballista) with a wooden bow


Making a pyramid profile steel prod

Making a two-part Andaman-style steel prod


Making a medieval European -style crossbow stock

Metal parts

Making bow irons

Making the nut

Making simple bastard string fasteners

Making bolt holders


Making boltheads

Metal fletching, first method

Metal fletching, second method

Wooden fletching

Planing bolt shafts


Making bowstrings

Cocking devices

Making a wippe (wooden lever)