Course on Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems (2007)
UFYS3020   Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems (20h + 5h Exercises)        (2 ov/ 4op.)
Markovian Theory
1.    Microscopic derivation of Markovian master equations.
2.    The Lindblad master equation .
3.    Applications: Bosonic reservoirs.
a)    Decay of a two-level atom.
b)    Caldeira-Leggett master equation.
c)    The damped harmonic oscillator: Methods of solution of the master equation and study of the dynamics.
Non-Markovian Theory
4.    Phenomenological approach
a)    Master equations with memory kernels.
b)    Methods of solution of the master equation using the Laplace transform.
c)    Example: the two-level atom.
5.    Microscopic approach: The Redfield master equation.
6.    Exact generalized master equations.
a)    Non-Markovian decay of a two-level atom.
b)    Quantum Brownian motion.
7.    Environment induced decoherence and the quantum-classical border.
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