Timo J. Saarinen
PhD, Professor
Department of Geology
University of Turku, Finland
e-mail: tijusa(at)utu(dot)fi

Research interests and current projects:
in finnish
   High resolution paleointensity variation of the Earth magnetic field (&Eeva Haltia-Hovi, Academy of Finland)
    Little Ice Age and Early Medieval Climate anomaly in Finland
    Sub-arctic environmental changes recorded by small lakes (MSc student project)
    Micro-XRF analysis of varved sediments in subannual resolution (& Achim Brauer, Germany)
Varved sediments of Lake Qarun, Egypt
Geochemical ICP MS studies of varved sediments (& Pasi Peltola, Sweden)
    Natural and anthropogenic signals in varves (MSc student project)
    Wintertime variability (temparature, precipitation) recorded by varved sediments during the last two millenia
    Recent sedimentation to laminated lakes by sediment trap investigations
    Organic geochemistry of annually laminated lake sediments (& Samuel Nyman, Renlund foundation)
    Development of coring and analysing devices (e.g.automatic susceptibility measurement system) for lakes sediment
    Biological and physical proxies in annually laminated lake sediments (annually dated material available for PhD students)
    Imaga analysis in sedimentology (MSc student project)
Micro tephras (MSc student project)
10Be in varved sediments

Teaching in advance level (courses in english):
    Physical and chemical methods of lacustrine and marine sediments(5 ects)
    Sub-arctic lake coring field course in Kevo Research Station (Lapland) (2 ects)
Digital Image Analyses in paleolimnology (2 ects)

Developing coring methods:
New mini ice-finger (& Hannu Wenho)

lake coring  varves
Coring annually laminated lake sediments using new piston corer system and ice finger samplers.
On the left site new Mini-Ice-Finger (see quality of topmost ~10 cm!)

Our new light version of Kullenberg-type piston corer (max water depth 100 m and max core tube about 4 m)

Rod operated Livingstone-type piston corer with 5m long aluminium rods

A warm tent for sub-sampling on the coring site

All we need for lake coring...

A coring platform on Lake Qarun, Egypt, 2010

A coring platform on Lake Ogaware, Japan, 2009

New generation varve studies from annually laminated lake sediments. Sub-millimetre resolution geochemistry
from varves using micro-XRF.

varved sediments
Varves of Lehmilampi (Eastern Finland), light layer = spring flood mineral layer,
dark layer=organic summer-winter layer

annully laminated lake sediments or varves
Back-scatter electron image from varves+mineral content variation using
image analysis technique. Thick line X-ray density variation from 2mm thick epoxy sample of Kortejärvi. Sample pre-Medieval time.
varved lake sediments
Back-scatter electron image from annually laminated lake sediment during Medieval warm period
or Medieval climate anomaly. Note missing spring floods! The view is 2.3 mm wide.

Some publications:

Berggren, A.-M., Aldahan, A. Possnert, G. Haltia-Hovi, E. & Saarinen, T. (2013) Linking ice sheet and lake sediment archives of 10Be, 1468-1980 CE. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B. 294, 524-529

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