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Vesa Halava

Researcher (Lecturer)
Turku Complex Systems Institute
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Turku
FIN-20014 Turku, Finland

Contact information
Office hour: (contact by email)
Office:  Quantum 3rd floor, room 368
Phone:  +358 50 320 6267 / + 358 29 450 4304
Email:   vesa.halava [at]
Fax:  +358-2-231-0311

Decidability questions
Combinatorics on words
Automata and languages

Publications (updated 4/2018)

Teaching (Autumn 2016)
Analyysi I (mat)
Set Theory
Matematiikan historia
Teaching (Spring 2018)
Logiikan jatkokurssi
Matematiikan historia

Departments and Associations

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Turku
Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, UK
FUNDIM (our reseach group)
EATCS (European Assoc. Theoret. CS)

Conferences and Workshops

Reachability Problems September 2018 (Marseille)
DLT 2015 July 2015 (Liverpool, UK) ( Talk )

Updated: April 2018