Recent Publications and Submissions
by Vesa Halava

Updated November 2014

  1. V. Halava, R. Niskanen, I. Potapov
    On Undecidability of Counter Reachability Games in Dimension One 2014 (submitted)
  2. V. Halava
    Another proof of undecidability for the correspondence decision problem - Had I been Emil Post 2014 (submitted)
  3. J. Cassaigne, V. Halava, T. Harju, F. Nicolas
    Tighter Undecidability Bounds for Matrix Mortality, Zero-in-the-Corner Problems, and More 2014 (submitted)
  4. V. Halava, T. Harju, R. Niskanen, I. Potapov
    Weighted Automata on Infinite Words in the Context of Attacker-Defender Games
    TUCS Technical Reports No. 1118, TUCS, 2014. (submitted)
  5. V. Halava, T. Harju and M. Huova
    On n-permutation Post Correspondence Problem
    TUCS Technical Reports No. 1084, TUCS, 2013. (submitted)
  6. V. Halava, R. Niskanen, I. Potapov
    On Robot Games of Degree Two
    to appear in Proceedings of LATA 2015.
  7. V. Halava and T. Harju:
    Word Problem for Deterministic and Reversible Semi-Thue Systems
    Semigroup Forum Vol 88(2), 468--478, 2014.
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