by Vesa Halava

Updated Autumn 2006

    Conferences and Workshops

  1. Languages defined by generalized equality sets, FCT03 (Malmö, Sweden)
  2. Characterization of infinite solutions of marked Post Correspondence problems, Workshop on Word Avoidability, Complexity and Morphisms 2004, (Turku, Finland).
  3. Decidability in Infinite Post Correspondence Problem WORDS'03 (Turku, Finland).
  4. Ratkeavuus vs. ratkemattomuus Postin vastaavuusongelmassa Invited Talk in Finnish Computer Science days 2003, (Helsinki, Finland).
  5. Ratkeavuus vs. ratkeamattomuus yksinkertaisissa sanaongelmissa, Finnish Days of Mathematics 2002, (Joensuu, Finland).
  6. (G)PCP for words of length two, 9-ème Conférence Internationale Journées Montoises d'Informatique Théorique, Septembre 2002, (Montpellier, France).
  7. Marked Post Correspondence Problem, Workshop on Automata and Finite Model Theory 2001, (Helsinki, Finland).
  8. Generalized PCP is decidable for marked morphism FCT'99 (Iasi, Romania).
  9. On marked Post Correspondence Problem, Seventh Nordic Combinatorial Conference 1999, (Turku, Finland).
  10. Visiting lectures

  11. Linear recurrence relations, matrices and Skolem's problem Charles University in Prague, Department of Algebra, Czech Republic (2005).
  12. Infinite Post Correspondence Problem Charles University in Prague, Department of Algebra, Czech Republic (2005).
  13. Marked generalized Post Correspondence Problem RWTH Aachen, Germany (1999).
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