Text Box: SMAT5217
Teaching Period: Spring 2018, Period IV (March-April) 
Subject Areas: Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Optimization, Applied Economics
Course Description: 
Game theory is a branch of applied mathematics developed for understanding interaction between individuals (players) in strategic situations. The overall goal of game theory is to create adequate models to analyse mathematically phenomena of social behaviour. This course provides an introduction to game theory with emphasis on mathematical modelling of various situations and applications to economics. Moreover, the course presents the foundation of the theory and the interpretation of the main concepts as well as analysing connections to other branches of applied mathematics such as multicriteria optimization and decision making. Among those topics to be covered are strategic games, Nash equilibrium, games with perfect and imperfect information, coalitional games and some others.
Modes of Study: exercises, exam
Evaluation: 0-5
Teaching Methods: Lectures 28 h., Home works 12 h.
Organization Responsible: Dep. of Mathematics and Statistics
Person in Charge: Yury Nikulin
Further information on Study Materials:
This course is taught and evaluated in English. 
Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Calculus, Linear Algebra and Probability Theory
Exam dates:

1st exam:   27th of April
2nd exam:  23rd of May
3rd exam:   summer eaxm in August
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