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Welcome to my homepage!

I have
a PhD in Cultural History and I am Adjunct Professor (in Finnish dosentti) in Finnish history at the University of Turku. From the beginning of the year 2010, I am working at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at the University of Helsinki, so I do not update these pages so often; however, I am still also an adjunct professor in history and I participate in many projects connected to the University of Turku. (For some more information, please check the links on the left. I am currently building a new website at, and some of the links may actually lead you there.)

My fields of expertise include medieval & early modern studies and gender history. In 2007, I defended my doctoral thesis about Female agency in the Fleming family (in Sweden), 1470-1620. The book, later also published in Swedish, was given a honourable mention by the Committée choosing the "Science Book of the Year" (Vuoden tiedekirja -kunniamaininta) in 2008. I was also honoured to receive the title of the "Humanist Doctor of the Year".

Lately, I have also got interested in studying the representations of American Talk Shows and some 19th century literature.

Besides doing research and giving some lectures (in Finnish, Swedish and English), I like to hang around in scholarly networks. I like the intellectual challenge in trying to make history interesting for non-professionals.
That is how I ended up writing something completely different: Scandal! History of Tabloids before Tabloids. I have also written a book about medieval Nordic princesses.