Atte Tenkanen
Master of Music
Ph.D. in Musicology

School of History, Cultural and Art Studies
Department of Musicology
University of Turku
FI-20014 Turku
Phone:     +358 40 3417125
Mobile:     +358 50 9104844


I completed my Ph.D. in musicology at the University of  Turku, Finland. In my doctoral research, I aimed at creating, developing and evaluating algorithms and tools that extract musical information from compositions and MIDI-recorded improvisations. I  focused particularly on the analytical method, named as Comparison Structure Analysis

Today, I work as an organist and church musician in Turku and make interdisciplinary research at the same time, see

Here, I play organ and sing Gregorian Chant:

An example of a "detector graph":
Occurrences of Blues mode 2 (21211212) are marked with blue colour.
The piece in question is Richard Rodgers/ Lorenz Haet: With a Song in My Heart.

A demo about finding the playing figures in Improvisation nr 207 by Olli Linjama.


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  • This anthology was never published. The last pdf-version of our article (10.8.2010) can now be found here (added 30.4.2015).
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  • I sing in a Gregorian Chant group Schola Cantorum Aboensis
  • Free improvisation in theory and practice