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    Update log

    3rd January 2006: Fixed a slith and a wrong stairway graphic. Added a light pink curtain.
    27th December 2005: (Update log reversed.) I reorganized the dialogue section & added about 10 new graphics. Added an undead and a slith to dialogue section. Added an animated forcefield, curtains and some stairways to terrains, and a mummy, a slith and a teenager to monster graphics. I also modified a few graphics (two dialogue pics and the eggs terrain, at least).
    8th September 2005: A color change and an email address update. More updating will follow soon.
    10th February 2005: Added a face graphic and a stairwell terrain; added to the Old Wall set.
    January 2005: New additions: 12 graphics - among others, barrels of different sizes, a cupboard and more curtains. Modified: Desert mountains, Ancient Walls. Replaced the kobolds.
    25th October 2004: New additions: about 11 pictures. Modified: The rebel, some space terrains and the undead noble.
    18th August 2004: 9 new pictures. Updated the green woman, rebel and undead. Added 2 tree pictures, an "antmonster", dialogue backgrounds, a cave bush and a wardrobe.
    29th July 2004: An update again. 7 pictures: a green woman and a green undead; miscellaneous items x2; the noblewoman's fighting picture; separated items from background x2
    28th July 2004: A monster update. :) Added some warriors, a pink pudding, rebel, whirlwind, worm and a nice ant. Arranged the graphics to a little more logical order.
    26th July 2004: A minor update. Added an alternate artic city, a green curtain and updated dialogue pictures.
    19th April 2004: The site is up.

    Contact me: cmkant (at)