Daria Anttila

I am a PhD student in Quantum Physics Education in the University of Turku. I do my research under the supervision of prof. Pekka Koskinen from University of Jyväskylä and Iiro Vilja from University of Turku.


My main goal is to spark people to learn theoretical physics and show that it is relevant to everyone independent of their age and background.

I am interested in developing new methods and materials to teach quantum physics, and theoretical physics in general, not only for university students, but also for larger audience.

My philosophy stands that teaching should be interesting, enjoyable, inspiring and useful. It is a guideline for my research and teaching.


Currently, my research is focused on finding educational ways to spark students’ interest in quantum physics and keep it on during a whole course. Among other, I investigate teaching quantum physics accompanied with games.

In addition, I am eager in doing outreach and organizing quantum physics events.


Contact me

Email: dariale@utu.fi or daria.anttila@gmail.com


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