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Götterdämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods), Preludes

The First Prelude

The Three Norns are spinning the rope of fate. They are talking about things which are, have been and will be. We learn how Wotan lost his eye drinking from the Spring of Wisdom and how he carved his Runespear from a branch of the World-Tree Ash. Now the spring has dried up and the Ash has died, and Wotan's Runespear has been shattered. Wotan has ordered the dead Ash be cut down and the wood be piled around Valhalla as a great pyre which will one day be ignited by Loge. As the Norns are discussing Alberich and his Curse, the rope of fate snaps and is broken. The wisdom of the Norns is at an end and the Norns hurry to their mother, Erda.

The Second Prelude

A new day dawns around the Valkyrie Rock where Siegfried and Bruennhilde are. Siegfried can be seen in full armour in the sunlight. He wants to go wandering in search of new heroic deeds. Bruennhilde lets him ride her horse, Grane, and Siegfried gives the Ring to Bruennhilde, as a token of his faith. After a passionate farewell, Siegfried rides down the mountainside toward the River Rhine. Bruennhilde can hear the sound of his hunting-horn from the distance.

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