A. Ehrenfeucht, T. Harju and G. Rozenberg

Theory of 2-Structures

A Framework for Decomposition and Transformation of Graphs

Published by World Scientific, Singapore, 1999


  1. Preliminaries

  2. Graph Theoretical Preliminaries

  3. 2-Structures and Their Clans

  4. Quotients and Homomorphisms

  5. Clan Decomposition

  6. Primitive 2-Structures

  7. Angular 2-Structures

  8. Labelled 2-Structures

  9. Unstable Labelled 2-Structures

  10. Automorphisms of Labelled 2-Structures

  11. Switching of Graphs

  12. Labelled Structures over Groups

  13. Clans of Switching Classes

  14. Quotients and Plane Trees

  15. Invariants