Harry J Lehto

Astronomer, Professor
Selected Publications
Professional interests:
Time series analysis, Wavelet methods, Fourier methods, Analysis of gappy data
Quasars and supermassive black holes hiding in their cores
Various X-ray and radio emitting objects, code writing with Fortran 90 (link)
Astrobiology (http://fan.utu.fi/)
Sounds of nature (bats, rodents, birds, aurorae), bird watching at dump sites (Rubbish tips), listing (twitching),
mushrooms and fungi, microscopy and nature in general, but also photography, gardening, GPS-positioning.
February 1982 M.Sc (FK) in Astronomy at Turku University (link)
January 1989 Ph.D. in Astronomy at University of Virginia (link)
Advanced astrophycics, Statistical Methods in Astronomy, Astronomy lab II

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