Gulls -- from Finland

Larus fuscus fuscus

(c) Harry J Lehto

Here I present a couple of examples of Larus fuscus fuscus plumages. All the pictures were taken in July 1998 at Kuopio and Turku, Finland

Figure 1. Typical adult summer plumage L f fuscus. Note bare parts coloration and long wings and almost blacker than black mantle/upperside.

Figure 2. Adult L f fuscus with wings spread open. The number of white mirrors in Finnish LBBGs can be anything from 0 to 2 (P9 and P10). This bird has one mirror (on P10). There is a small contrast between the wing tip and rest of the wing, with the wing tip being even darker (see eg. P3 to P5 on left wing). Note also (best seen on the right wing) that P10

Figure 3. 2cy (=2nd calendar year = 1st summer plumage) Larus fuscus fuscus.

Figure 4. 2cy (=2nd cal year = 1st summer) and a 3cy Larus fuscus fuscus. The bird on the right is the same as in Figure 3. Note the dark grey mantle, dark tail and flashy white uppertail coverts/rump area. The third calendar year birds (on the left) showns a strong contrast between the brownish outer wing and the adultlike mantle/inner wing. The tail on this individual is white, but at this age it could still show extensive dark markings.


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