Anas strepera x Anas acuta

(c) Harry J. Lehto

Gadwall x Pintail male

Harmaasorsa x Jouhisorsa koiras

Riitsaranlahti, Pori, Finland, May 24, 2009
EF 500mm f4.0 + 2x +1.4x, ISO 800 , distance 450m-650m

All images engalged to 2x.
A rather difficult bird to identify. The bird was first reported as a "male Wingeon (A penelope) male-like bird with a head of a female Smew (Mergus albellus)". Later Pintail (A acuta) x Wigeon or Pintail x American Wigeon (A americana) combinations were suggested. Bahama Pintail (A. bahamenisis) was not ruled out from earlier sightings.

Features that point towards Gadwall being one parent are: Very smooth grey over all color, and white patch on the speculum (not shown in the pictures). The pintail being one parent is suggested by the long necked shape, and the bill color (over all quite grey bill, with the upper culmen being black and and extending along the whole length of the bill. Pink tinge on the breast also suggests this combination. Head pattern although "normal" for this combination does not reflect directly the pattern of either parent. This appears to be a common feature in Anas hybrids.

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