Some bacteria - Joitakin pöpöjä

(c) Harry J Lehto

Rod-shaped bacteria -- Sauvamaisia bakteereita

September, 1997
Photographed with a Reichert Zetopan microscope
Negative phasecontrast, 100x oil immersion objective, 8x ocular.
EJL 320 ISO, Scanned from a paper print of the slide.
Exposure: underexposed 2.0 f-stops from automatic exposure settings, because of the dark back ground of the field.
The field of view here is 20x20 um. The two isolated bacteria on the right ride of the figure measure about 2.3um x 0.8um and 2.0um x 0.8um. (1um = 1/1000 mm = 1/2540 inch

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