Ismo Kantola

Dr. Soc Sci, Adjunct professor of Sociology, University of Turku

Senior research and teaching associate

Department of Social research
University of Turku


Sociology of Celebration

Organizing efficiency in science and engineering

main publications

A time of meta-celebration: Celebrating the sociology of celebration. Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology, 7, 1 (2016) [together with Mihai Stelian Rusu]

Book review: Michael Halewood: Rethinking the Social through Durkheim, Marx, Weber and Whitehead; Bruno Karsenti: D'une philosophie à l'autre. Les sciences et la politique des modernes. Acta Sociologica, May 2016 59: 187-189.

Book review: Neyland & Woolgar: Mundane governance. Acta Sociologica.

Book review: Longino: Studying human behavior. Science and technology studies.

On the re-materialization of the virtual. AI & Society. Vol. 28, Nr. 2 (2013). - DOI 10.1007/s00146-012-0429-8 -

Posiva: the organization of nuclear waste management in Finland. In: V-M. Autio (ed.): Contemporary Corporate Culture under Globalization. JTO publications, Helsinki 2012 [with M. Silvan-Lempinen]

C. Krinsky (ed.): Moral panics over contemporary children and youth. Ashgate, Farnham and Burlington 2008.
S. M. Maira: Missing. Youth, citizenship, and empire after 9/11. Duke U Press, Durham 2009.

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Quasi-objects and actors in the web of belief. Formation of a nuclear waste management system: the case of Finland. Paper presented in ISA RC 23 meeting, Gothenburg July 16th 2010. Published online: University of Turku, Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology, Research Reports 2010-11-24 [with M. Silvan-Lempinen]

Communication and knowledge in the Finnish Nuclear Waste Management System. In: Trappl (ed.): Proceedings of the Twentieth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research 2010. Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik, Wien 2010. [with M. Silvan-Lempinen]

Explaining media choice: theoretical discussion and an empirical experiment. AI & Society 24 (2): pp. 135-150 [with F Satofuka & Y. Kono.] Published online: 31 January 2009

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Sociology between science and the environment. In: T.P. Karjalainen & P. Luoma & K. Reinikainen (eds.): Flows and Networks of Environmental Sociology. University of Oulu, Oulu 2008 (in Finnish with English abstract)

The role of knowledge in energy politics. A sociological study. (2007) Academic dissertation. Annales universitatis turkuensis. Ser. B - Tom. 298 humaniora

Embedded in fluid networks: spaces, times and conditions of biosciences and social sciences in contemporary Finland. Research Reports from the Finnish KNOWING project, 2:2008. University of Turku & Turku School of Economics. Turku 2008. [together with Jutta Ahlbeck-Rehn, Seppo Poutanen, Anne Kovalainen].

Hi there, Maid of Finland! Review article. International Sociology, vol. 21, nr. 6 (November 2006), pp. 881-884.

Attachment of enthusiasm in structures of feeling. Two examples: 1) techno-rave music, 2) nuclear energy - (2005)

Pollution. In: Stephan Harrison & Steve Pile & Nigel Thrift (eds.): Patterned Ground. Reaktion Books. London 2004.

From programmed to programmable society? Recent trends in the development of networked media. Teoksessa: The Good, the Bad and the Irrelevant. Papers presented at the COST Action 269 Conference September 2003. Taideteollinen korkeakoulu 2003.

Reflections for a sociological study on the cultural acceptance of the NICTs - AI & Society, (1999) - Springer

Towards a Sociology of Energy Issues. In Annamari Konttinen (ed.): Green Moves, Political Stalemates. Sociological Perspectives on the Environment. Annales universitatis Turkuensis, B215. Turku 1996.

Debating Energy and Environment: A Report on the Mediation of Professional and Expert Knowledge ... (1992) - University of Turku

Current activities

invited co-editor of Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology (vol. 7, nr. 1 (June 2016)) - together with Mihai Stelian Rusu.

convenor of RS Sociology of Celebration of ESA

chair and member of executive committee, The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies

lecturer of:

Sociology of industrial relations (2012, 2013

Leisure and class (2011)

"Neo-tribes" from Emile Durkheim to Michel Maffesoli and beyond" (2010)

Currents of Sociology of Science (2009)

researcher in KNOWING

honorary member of Turku Jazz

research mentor for X-rust

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