Publications, Papers, Projects


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More Articles in English

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Encyclopedia and Handbook Entries

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More than 100 articles in Finnish. See e.g.


Papers Presented

GARGNANO DEL GARDA 2023. Why a Pejorative Definition of “Conspiracy Theory” Does Not Pathologize Conspiracy Theorists? Workshop on The Implications of Pathologizing Conspiracy Beliefs. Palazzo Feltrinelli. (May)

TIBERIAS 2023. Why a Pejorative Definition of “Conspiracy Theory” Is Harmless? Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, personal communication. (Mar)

MILAN 2020. Non-Doxastic Conspiracy Theories. Research Seminar. University of Milan, Department of Philosophy. (Ichino & Räikkä). (Feb)

SAINT PETERSBURG 2019. On the Limits of Brain Scanning. Theoretical and Applied Ethics Conference. Saint Petersburg University. (Nov)

LISBON 2019. Treatment and Enhancement Uses of Neuroscientific Knowledge. Neuron Eranet Conference. Museum Gulbenkian. (Sep)

PARIS 2019. Tracing and Responsibility. Neuroethics Network. Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière. (Poster presentation.) (Jun)

COPENHAGEN 2018. Conventionalism and Cultural Appropriation. Globalizing Minority Rights -project meeting. Carlsberg Academy. (Räikkä & Puumala.) (Nov)

COPENHAGEN 2018. Types of Affirmative Action: Comments. Globalizing Minority Rights -project meeting. Carlsberg Academy. (Nov)

GENEVA 2018. Issues of Autonomy and Brain Research. IdeaSquare Meeting. Discussion in CERN. (Mar)

TROMSø 2017. Bad Facts. Paper at the Project Meeting. Department of Philosophy, The Arctic University of Norway. (Oct)

TROMSø 2017. Migration Restictions and Legitimacy. Comments presented at the Project Meeting. Department of Philosophy, The Arctic University of Norway. (Oct)

LISBON 2017. Journalism, Secrecy, and Political Plans. Project Meeting. Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. (Sep)

MOSCOW 2017. Epistemic Authorities and Conspiracy Theories. The Russian Academy of Sciences, The Institute of Philosophy, Visitor’s Lecture. (May)

PADUA 2016. How to Deal with Conspiracy Theories? Sciecons Workshop. Università degli Studi di Padova. (Nov)

STOCKHOLM 2016. Cricis and Conspiracy: Comments. Philosophy Research Seminar. Kunglika Tekniska högskolan. (Mar)

PAVIA 2016. Privacy, Self-Presentation and Justice. Philosophical Reflections on Truth and Justice Workshop. Università degli Studi di Pavia. (Feb)

SAINT PETERSBURG 2015. Justice and Stability. Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Conference at the St. Petersburg State University. (Räikkä & Rodin) (Oct)

AMSTERDAM 2015. Privacy and Norms of Civility. Amsterdam Privacy Conference, University of Amsterdam. (Oct)

SAINT PETERSBURG 2014. Environmental Security and Just Causes of War. Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Conference at the St. Peterburg State University. (Räikkä & Rodin) (Nov)

HAVANA 2013. Physician-Assisted Suicide and Adaptive Preferences. VI International Symposium on Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness. Hotel Miramar. (Dec)

MODENA 2013. Self-Deception and Religious Beliefs. Workshop on Self-Deception. Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. (Nov)

SVETLOGORSK 2013. Presumptions as Reasons. Models of Reasoning -Workshop. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. (Oct)

ATHENS 2013. Knowledge Promotion as a Virtue. Invited Session. 23rd World Congress of Philosophy. University of Athens. (Aug)

ATHENS 2013. Bioethics as a Form of Civic Dialogue. Invited Session. 23rd World Congress of Philosophy. University of Athens. (Aug)

PAVIA 2013. Uncertainty and Presumptions. Visitor’s Lecture. Università degli Studi di Pavia, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Sezione di Filosofia. (May)

PARIS 2013. Presumptions and Obligations. Workshop on God and Metaphysics. Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. (Apr)

DOHA 2013. The Ideal and Conservative Justice. 4th International Conference on Argumentation and Rhetoric. Qatar National Convention Center. (Jan)

YEREVAN 2012. The Paradox of Conservative Justice. Issues of Transforming Society Development Conference. Armenian State Pedagogical University. (Apr)

ISTANBUL 2011. Public Health Policies and the Question of Feasibility. EACME Annual Meeting. The Dedeman Hotel. (Sep)

PETROZAVODSK 2011. Cultural Conventions and Social Criticism. Workshop on Diversity. University of Petrozavodsk. (Mar)

OXFORD 2011. Unrevealed Information in Social Relations. Discussion at the College of St. Mary Magdalen in the University of Oxford. (Feb)

COPENHAGEN 2011. On Cultural Diversity and Public Reason. Nordic Summer University Workshop. Copenhagen Business School. (Räikkä & Weyermann) (Jan)

MILAN 2010. On Forgiveness. Visitor’s lecture. Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Dipartomento di Filosofia. (Dec)

ODENSE 2010. The (Un)fairness of Public Reason. Visitor’s lecture. University of Southern Denmark. (Nov)

SAINT PETERSBURG 2010. Toleration, Privacy and Marginalization. Tolerance and Intolerance in Modern Society. St. Petersburg State University. (Räikkä & Weyermann) (Apr)

KLAIPEDA 2009. Toleration and Privacy. Cultural Dialogue and Personality. Klaipeda University, Lithuania. (Nov)

HALIFAX 2009. On the Privacy of the Inner Life. Workshop on Neuroethics. Dalhousie University. (Sep)

VENICE 2009. Multiculturalism, Relativism, and Medical Information. EACME Annual Meeting. University of Venice, San Basilio. (Sep)

PARIS 2008. Philosophy for Children: Finnish Perspectives. Nouvelles pratiques philosophiques. Unesco Headquarters. (Nov)

KALININGRAD 2008. On the Freedom of Speech. Visitor’s Lecture. Immanuel Kant State University of Russia, Law Faculty. (Sep)

KALININGRAD 2008. The Rights of Cultural Minority Groups. Visitor’s Lecture. Immanuel Kant State University of Russia, Department of Philosophy. (Sep)

RIJEKA 2008. The Ethical and Political Evaluation of Biotechnology Strategies. World Congress of Bioethics. Grand Hotel Bonavia, Croatia. (Sep)

SEOUL 2008. The Ethics of Conspiracy Theorizing. World Congress of Philosophy. Seoul National University. (Aug)

SEOUL 2008. What Is Special in Neuroethics? The Finnish-Taiwanese Workshop on Bioethics. Seoul National University. (Aug)

SAINT PETERSBURG 2008. Toleration and Minority Groups. Tolerance and Intolerance in Modern Society. St. Petersburg State University. (Räikkä & Ahteensuu) (Apr)

ANKARA 2008. Collective Self-Deception and Public Images of Animal Suffering. Clashes between Civilizations Workshop. Bilkent University. (Aaltola & Räikkä) (Mar)

AMSTERDAM 2008. The Ethics of Conspiracy Theories. ETMP Conference. Vrije Universiteit. (Mar)

TAIPEI 2007. The Ethical and Political Evaluation of Biotechnology Strategies. Writer’s Workshop on the Ethical Aspects of Post-Genomic Medical Research. Academia Sinica. (Dec)

SAINT-PETERSBURG 2007. Tolerance and the Rights of Minorities. The Workshop on Tolerance. The Smolny Monastery. (Jun)

BASEL 2006. Finnish Perspectives on ELSA Research. Comparing ELSA Workshop. Basel Biocentrum. (Nov)

FLORENCE 2006. Civic Discussion and the Logic of Burden of Proof. Workshop on Practical Judgment. European University Institute. (Sep)

BIFROST 2006. 7 Lectures on Global Issues. Summer Lectures. Bifrost Business School in Iceland. (Jun)

FLORENCE 2006. Global Ethics and Extreme Poverty. Seminar on Global Ethics. European University Institute. (Mar)

TAIPEI 2005. Privacy: Ethical Issues. Finnish-Taiwanese Workshop on Biobanks. National Chengchi University. (Sep)

GRAZ 2005. Gene Technology and Global Poverty. Visit on the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society. (Jun)

TARTU 2005. Striving for Remorse. Tartu-Turku Seminar on Philosophy. University of Tartu. (Jun)

GRANADA 2005. Pogge on Global Poverty. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Palacio de Exposiones y Congresos de Granada. (May)

LISBON 2005. Genetic Democracy and Mystification of Gene Technologies. Lisbon workshop on Biotech Age. Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (Räikkä & Siipi). (Jan)

TROMSO 2004. Justification in Ethics: Reflective Equilibrium and Relativism. Workshop on Rationality and Equalization. Arctic Centre. (Dec)

SYDNEY 2004. Global Poverty and Health. World Congress of Bioethics. University of New South Wales. (Nov)

ODENSE 2004. Political Liberalism and Religious Ideals. The Rights of Religious Minorities. University of Southern Denmark. (Oct)

TOKYO 2004. Emotional Arguments in Moral Debates. Tokyo Conference on Argumentation. Tsuda College. (Aug)

BERLIN 2004. The Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Institutional Facts, and Global Poverty. Rationality and Social Predictions Workshop. Nordic Embassy. (Jun)

TAIPEI 2004. Philosophy and Bioethics in Finland. Round table presentation. The Leader Hotel Taipei. (May)

TARTU 2004. John Rawls’ Theory of Justice. Studia Generalia Lectures in Philosophy. University of Tartu. (May)

TARTU 2004. John Rawls and ”The Idea of an Overlapping Consensus”. Visitor’s Lecture. University of Tartu. (May)

SHANGHAI 2003. Philosophy and Bioethics Teaching in Finland. Seminar on Philosophy. Fudan University. (Oct)

ISTANBUL 2003. On Irrational Guilt. World Congress of Philosophy. Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center. (Aug)

ISTANBUL 2003. The Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Global Inequality. Special Workshop on Global Institutions and Responsibilities. Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center. (Aug)

SVETLOGORSK 2003. Rationality and Feelings of Guilt. Argumentation and Culture Workshop. Kaliningrad State University. (May)

SHANGHAI 2002. The Unnatural Argument. Workshop on Medical Ethics. Fudan University, Nordic Center. (Nov)

BRASILIA 2002. Nature is Perfect as It Is – or Is It? World Congress of Bioethics. Conference Center of Brasilia. (Nov)

BRUSSELS 2002. Nature is Perfect as It Is – or Is It? Sustaining Humanity Beyond Humanism. European Parliament. (Aug)

OSLO 2002. The Notion of Public Reason Revisited Again. Rationality and Community Workshop. University of Oslo. (Jun)

UPPSALA 2002. Rationality and Public Discussion on Bioethical Questions. Argumentation and Understanding between Cultures. University of Uppsala. (May)

COPENHAGEN 2002. The Argument from Cultural Disadvantage. Autonomist and Integrationist Approaches to Minority Protection. Center for Human Rights. (Apr)

KALININGRAD 2001. Argumentation and the Burden of Proof. Local and Global Modes of Reasoning. Kaliningrad State University. (Oct)

ABERDEEN 2001. Genetic Engineering and Risks. Nature and Technology Conference. University of Aberdeen. (Räikkä & Siipi) (Jul)

AMSTERDAM 2001. The Argument from Truth. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Vrije Universiteit. (Jun)

BEIJING 2001. The Argument from Truth as a Basis for Legislation Concerning Free Speech. Conference on Political Philosophy. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. (Apr)

TAMPA 2001. Comment on Population Ethics. AmFiTan International Conference on Development Ethics. University of South Florida. (Feb)

DAR ES SALAAM 2000. Genetic Food Production, Risks, and Morality. Time and Development Workshop. University of Dar es Salaam. (Nov)

OSLO 2000. On the Freedom of Speech. Doctoral Defence. The Opponent’s Speech. University of Oslo. (Nov)

DAR ES SALAAM 2000. Problems in Population Theory. AmFiTan Conference on Development Ethics. Hotel Sea Cliff. (Feb)

LINKÖPING 1999. Actual Moral Views and Justification in Ethics. Wide Reflective Equilibrium and Methods of Applied Ethics. University of Linköping. (Oct)

FLORENCE 1999. The Problem of The Second Best. The EUSSIRF Visiting Scholars’ Seminar. European University Institute. (Sep)

NEW YORK 1999. Knowledge-Promotion as a Criterion for Evaluating Social Institutions. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. World Trade Center. (Jun)

COPENHAGEN 1999. Environmental Philosophy vs. Social Criticism. Lectures for Ph.D Students. Center for Ethics and Law. (Apr)

COPENHAGEN 1999. Self-Determination and Genetic Information. Lectures for Ph.D Students. Center for Ethics and Law. (Apr)

OSLO 1998. Living with Moral Luck. Doctoral Defence. The Opponent’s Speech. University of Oslo. (Oct)

UPPSALA 1998. Dilemmas, Regret and Obligation. Visitor’s Lecture. University of Uppsala, Department of Philosophy. (Sep)

BOSTON 1998. Regret and Obligation. World Congress of Philosophy. The Weston and Marriot Hotels. (Aug)

AMSTERDAM 1997. Multicultural Citizenship and Its Moral Costs. Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy. Netherlands School for Advanced Research in Practical Philosophy. (Nov)

ZARAGOZA 1996. Is the Myth of Collective National Responsibility a Myth?. Congress of the International Association of Semiotics. University of Zaragoza (Nov)

BOLOGNA 1995. On Global Environmental Ethics. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. University of Bologna. (Jun)

AUSTIN 1994. Curing the Inappropriate Disease Attributions. Visitor’s Lecture. Southwest Texas State University. (Apr)

REYKJAVIK 1993. Mill on National Sentiment.World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. University of Iceland. (May)

OSLO 1993. Does Liberalism Give Priority to the Right Over the Good? Visitor’s Lecture. University of Oslo, Department of Philosophy. (Mar)

SAINT PETERSBURG 1992. Who Has the Burden of Proof. International Conference on Argumentation Theory. Saint-Petersburg State University. (Jan)

UPPSALA 1991. Genethics. International Congress of Logic, Methology and Philosophy of Science. University of Uppsala. (Räikkä & Launis) (Aug)

NAIROBI 1991. On Moral Conservatism. Philosophy, Man and the Environment Conference. Kenyatta Conference Center. (Jul)

EDINBURGH 1989. On National Self-Determination. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. University of Edinburgh. (Aug)


Research Projects Headed by Juha Räikkä

2019-2023 Conspiracy Theories Now: Philosophical Perspectives. (The Academy of Finland.)

2018-2022 Therapeutic and Enhancement Uses of Neuroscientific Knowledge: A Question of Individual Autonomy? (The Academy of Finland, ERA-net NEURON)

2011-2013. Ageing, Diminishing Autonomy, and Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Philosophical Study. (The Academy of Finland.)

2008-2011. Individual Autonomy, Neurosciences and Chronic Disorders of Consciousness. (The Academy of Finland.)

2004-2007. Genetic Democracy: Social and Ethical Implications of Genetically Modified Organisms. (The Academy of Finland, ESGEMO-programme.)

2005-2006. Global Justice and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecies. (The Academy of Finland.)

2001-2005. Biomedical Interventions: Ethical and Social Implications of Human Bio- and Genetechnology. (The Adacemy of Finland.)

2000-2004. Who Owns Our Genes: Ethical and Social Issues. (The Academy of Finland, LIFE 2000-programme.)



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Edited Books in English

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Co-Edited Books in English

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Co-Written Books in Finnish

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