Jyrki Lahtonen

Suomenkielinen kotisivu löytyy tästä

Ph.D. (Notre Dame), docent, lector University of Turku, Department of Mathematics

Research interests:

Applications of algebra in coding theory: I spend a lot of time studying various and sundry telecommunications applications of algebraic number theory, division algebras in particular, algebraic curves and group theory. Other main tools in my box are finite fields, Galois rings and their characters. They can be applied to the design of error-correcting codes (and their decoding) and good families of sequences.

Recent Publications:

Office hours:

Wednesdays 13-14. You can usually find me from my office in Quantum, 2nd floor, room 257, at other times as well. Unfortunately all the office hours are cancelled for the time being due to the pandemic countermeasures in effect.


In the Spring of 2021 I give the courses (in Finnish):

How to contact me:

mail: University of Turku, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, FIN-20014 Turku