CFP: Special Issue of Target (2022): What can indirect translation research do for Translation Studies?

Potential topics include but are not restricted to:

  • rethinking basic concepts of Translation Studies through the lens of indirect translation (e.g., source text and target text, author and translator, original and translation, center and periphery, equivalence, direct translation)
  • core features or patterns of indirect translation verifiable across different translation domains (e.g., audiovisual, machine, specialized translation; community interpreting, audiodescription, localization, transcreation, transediting)
  • indirect translation in other fields and disciplines (e.g., adaptation studies, forensic linguistics, gender studies, development studies, multilingual studies, international business studies, etc.)
  • indirect translation and hot topics in Translation Studies (e.g., social media, big data, multilingual crisis communication, etc.).

To propose a paper, please send your abstract (700-800 words, excluding references) by email to all the guesteditors of the Special Issue by 30 November 2019 :

  • Hanna Pięta (University of Lisbon):
  • Laura Ivaska (University of Turku):
  • Yves Gambier (University of Turku & Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University):

You can download the CFP here.